Monday, November 26, 2007

Whom To Consult

The Choice of Medical Treatment

  • In you had an accident / Emergency - Please go the Government Hopsital for allopathic / western treatment.

  • If you 'Kena Pukau' or Black Magic - Seek a powerful bomoh or dukun

  • If you have chronic problems - seek homeopath

  • If you have any pain but you dont need any painkiller or drugs - go to acupuncturist

  • If you have some muscular pain - seek 'Tukang Urut'

  • If you have terminal ill diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, renal failure - seek modern treatment but iof they dont offer you anthing, go for homeopath.

  • For Infertility - go for IUI, In Vito, but if you need 'Natural Fertility' - go for homeopath - you may refer

  • If you need refresh your blood circulation - go for reflexology.

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