Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cycst Cured

Removal of Ovarian Cycst Without Surgery
Case Record: name: Mrs SAbtMS , a Malay lady Age: 35 yrs.

Diagnosed as: Ovarian Cycst.
29 Mar 2003 this patient came to our clinic with complaint of 'Ovarian Cycst' size 4cm. Previous year she has the same problems and removed the cycst, but this year again she had the same growth coming up. She was advise to operate and remove the cycst, but this time she refused.

Some of her friends suggested to do acupuncture and homeopathy treatment at our clinic. Without any delay she came and seek our advise and after careful case taking we have given her the best treatment available throguh 'Integrated Medicine' We gave her 'Conium and Thuja 'alternately for two weeks. Acupuncture therapy was given on the first visit with 7 neddles.

She again came on 10 April, 24 April, 10 May and 25 May.

On June 13, 2003 she went for City Scan and the doctors confirmed that' the cycst' has gone and cannot trace any more with city scan.

15 June 2005 she came back to our clinic just to infomr that she is completely cured. She tnahks to Dr Nik and Dr Faridah for helping her to remove the cycst without surgery.

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