Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Eczema / Gatal Kulit / Badang

Eczema and psorasis are the two types of skin disease which is often observed in person with hypersensitive constitution with tendency to suffer from weakness of vital force. It chronic in nature and may due to dirty blood circulation, genetic or family history. Its characteristic are paroxysmal intense itching and minute papules which are symmetrically distributed, turn red and effuse when scratched. Clinically, there are acute and chronic types.
In TCM, its causes are thought to be the inbalance of ying and yang and the invasion of the skin by wind – heat of the pathogenic heat due to deficiency of blood.

Clinical Manifestation
Acute eczema manifests vesicles, erosion, erythema,a papules, oozing, crusting and scaling. Where as in psorsis intense itching with great burning sensation and sometime the skin become inflame just like roast prawn. In Chronic eczema progresses for a long time during which acute attackes frequently occur.

Li11 Quichi, Sp10 Xuchai, Sp6 Sanjinjiao, Gv 14 Dazhui, G 31 fengshi ST 36 Zusanzli
Homoepthic Medication: Graph., Ignatia., Mezerium, Hydorctle., Heper Sil.
Time: 6 – 12 months of treatment.

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