Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brain Tumor Cured

This patient Mr Zahari age 46 yrs has been sufferring from severe headache for last one year. He has been taken taken all pain killer but no relief. One evening he fell and unconcious, warded in hospital. After city scan, he was confimed suffering from 'Brain Tumour' about 1 cm size.
He was coma in hospital for nearly one month.
He surgeon insist for operation and remove the tumor, but the wife refused and this gethlkeman was discharge and was brought to our medical centre.

After taking careful investigation, we decided to give 12 acu pts at various points.
Ana dcontinue the tretament for about 12 session once a week.
After three months of thretament the patient was back to normal and all the smptoms clear and now this gentleman is a normal as before.

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