Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sexual Problem in Ladies

Increases Sexual Desire / Nymphomania

The term usually refers to the increase sexual desire in ladies.
The need to satisfy desires has no normal standard. The sexual feelings vary from woman to woman. However, most women agree that it feel wonderful during intercourse. One woman may desire frequent intercourse; another might be satisfied with one or two time a week. Therefore what is excess for one individual may be completely normal for another. On the other hand, if a woman desires intercourse daily, it’s mean she has an increased appetite for the same. There many reason of nymphomania perhaps it may be due to depression, anxiety, sadness, physical illness that led to promiscuous activity by the individual involve. Usually, such desire develops in unmarried girl or a widowed woman.

The Different sexual behavior of lady

Interest or Desire: It is normal to have an interest in sex, to seek sexual contact and to experience sexual thought

Arousal or Excitement: In this phase there is an increased supply of blood to the genital organs, and the vagina expands and gets lubricated. Thought and feelings become focused on sexual experience.

Orgasm: The walls of vagina tend to draw together rhythmically and there is an intense sexual experience that spreads from the clitoris throughout the body

I had a very good cased of nymphomania of a married lady. This happen in year 1985. After taking case taking properly and considering the modalities and constitution of the case, I prescribe;’ Homeopathic Hyoscym Niger 200’ bid for two weeks.
Surprisingly after only two weeks of homeopathic medication, the patient came back and inform me that she is ‘as normal as before’ and she came back on normal track.

Hyoscy Niger always indicated in women who behave in highly emotional way, make indecent remarks, undress and expose genitals. Distrust of others, but easily aroused sexually. A tendency to talk and laugh too much.

There another remedy “ Homeopathic Platinum Met’ both the external and internal genitalia are associated with a thrilling sensation. Strongly desirous for sexual excitement, especially suited for unmarried, married or widowed woman.

“Homeopathic Ambra Gris’ –genital itching with soreness and swelling, easily aroused with sexual excitement. Suited to nervous, hypersensitive women and another remedy “ Salin Nigra having the symptoms of thoughts of lust and stimulating dreams with excessive desire for intercourse.

For Acupuncture Points: Ren 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 are very usefull
Kidney Channnel: In between K 10 and K 11 are very good ac pts to increase sexual desire in ladies.

Bahasa Melayu: Rawatan akupunktur Untuk Kecantikan Wanita memang terkenal, khususnya untuk awet muda, tegangkan kulit muka, tegangkan faraj yang kendur selepas bersalin, buang lemak atau obesity dan menaikkan nafsu berahi wanita. Jumpa ahli akupunktur wanita untuk tugasan ini hubungi Dr Hajjah Faridah