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Muslim Acupuncturist in Malaysia

Hajjah faridah bt Awang Hamat
A Malay / Muslim Acupuncturist in Malaysia
Have been practicing Acupuncture for last 25 years

Her Address;
128 jalan Raja laut [ Dekat KFC - City Hotel]
Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur.

tel; 03 4042 2020

Time: daily Open 9.30 am till 6.30 pm
Sunday 9.30 till 2.00 pm

Student Learning Acupuncture Course at Our College at Kelantan Campus

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Penis Cupping - Bekam Untuk zakar

Man's Suction Cup uses to create negative pressure to function on corresponding organs of man's body. It is capable of soothing channels and collateral's of human body and improving body's vitality especially the blood flow around the penis and sexual area so that to increase erection and blood flow.

Alat Bekam:

Untuk Pelancaran darah pada Sekitar zakar untuk menambah ketegangan dan pelancaran darah agar zakar bertambah baik untuk hubungan kelamin agar tercapai 'Keluarga Bahagia'

We Sell This apparatus
Call 03 4042 2020 at Kuala Lumpur

Various Diseases Treated With Acupuncture

Bell palsy

hernia / uluran / buruk / angin pasang

Mrs P Meuret From Switzerland , Acupuncture Student at Our Academy of Acupuncture Malaysia

Clinical Training at our Medical Centre at Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

She is one of the best acupuncture student from Switzerland. She stood first in her class.

Detail About acupuncture Courses

Acupuncture Centre in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur:

118 Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur Tel 03 4042 2020


Bandar baru Bangi,
Selangor: 019229 4556

Shah Alam, Glenmarie
: Tel: 013 931 4166

Damansara Utama
Uptown: 03 77 27 64 13

Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas
, kelantan: 09 797 6948

Acupuncture Is Good For Neurological and Musculao-Skeletal Diseases

WHO has recommended Acupuncture is Good For
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Ceberal palsy
Bell palsy|Intercostal neuralgia
Cervical Syndrome
Tennis Elbow

Acupuncture Book For Sale

Clinical Acupuncture & Moxibustion
The Classical Chinese Medicine

Written by A Malay Doctor In Malaysia

Prof Dr Nik Omar bin Nik daud
& Dr Nik Fairuz Hakim

338 Pages Book
Contents 10 Chapters.

Forward by Prof Anton Jayasuriya.

" Prof Dr Nik Omar is an eminent and excellent practitioner of Acupuncture Therapy has combined his experience gained from a long period of clinical practice and scientific research to produce this classic book of " The Clinical Acupuncture & Moxibustion" The Classical Chinese Medicine.

Dr Nik Omar is a respected practitioner and a close endearing friend of the writer for a long period of time. He is a senior alternative health practitioner and also an excellent teacher and clinician.

Dr Nik Omar has created an inspiring and instructive work to meet the challenges of futuristic medicine and humanizing it to meet the challenges of the new age movement for health and well being "

Price: RM 80.00 including postage in Malaysia
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Nose Bleed - Epistaxis

Berdarah Hidung

Homeopathic medicine Bryonia and Millefolium considered to be the excellent remedy for epistaxis.

Other useful remedies are: Trillium, Arnica., Amm Carb., Graph., Croc. < Phos., Vipera, Nat Sulp.

Acupuncture in Malaysia

Acupuncture Malaysia

We offer Courses and Treatment

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Prostate With Acupuncture Laser

Case: 4
Chronic Prostatitis With Acupuncture Laser
By You Shiheng and Zhang Silin
From Yantai Hill Hospital, Zhifu District, Yantai, China.

Remarkable therapeutic effects has been obtained by laser acupuncture to treat 88 cases of chronic prostatitis from Oct 1985 to May 1986 .
Patients who had been diagnosed as Chronic Prostatitis and are not responded to other treatment , were treated with acupuncture .

Criteria of diagnosis :Bearing down pain of the perineum , pain of the lower abdomen and the waist , frequent micturation , impairment of sexual function , and other common clinical symptoms related . Significant swelling and tenderness of the prostate during digital examination per anus . Criteria of Therapeutic Effect : Cure ; Disappearance of subjective symptoms , no tenderness during digital examination of prostate , no inflammatory manifestation of prostatic fluid, size of prostate reduced to normal range.

Treatment: Acupuncture needle were inserted at point of Hegu LI 4, Quich LI 11 Huiyin Ren 1 and Chuku Ren 2.

Result: 88 cases of chronic prostatitis were treated by combine classical acupuncture needle and laser acupuncture method, with a cure of 53 – 54 % and effective rate of 98.9 %. Its advantages are as follow: High effective rate, shorter therapeutic course, no adverse reactions, safe and easy to manipulate, as compare with other methods
( allopathic) adopted at home and abroad.

Case: 5

Cases of Hyperlipaemia Treated by Acupuncture
Reported by: Jio Zinmin and Yin Kejing
From : Second Hospital, Dept. of Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Traditional Chinese Medical College, Shaanxi, China.

In resent years, we have treated hyperlipaemia with acupuncture. Two groups were used: The 1st Group involve Sanyinjiao, Zusanli and Neiguan and the 2nd Group involve Leique, Yanglingquan GB 34 and Fenglong ST 40 which was used alternate every day, according to the change of symptoms, other points would also selected.
Reducing method of stimulation usually was used in acupuncture process which was about 15 minutes and 10 therapy constituted a course of treatment. The patient blood lipids was measured at beginning and after acupuncture.

However the treatment was applied according to the theory of TCM. As we know that those acupoint of Sanyinjiao, Zsuanli, Neiguan, Lieque, Yanglingquan and Fenlong are very effective of building up the spleen , dissolving the spleen, balance the dampness, removing the stagnation of Liver “Qi” , etc.

The result as follows: Blood lipids of 73 cases were decreased among the 82 cases, about 89 % of the patient, lowered the level of cholestrol very much.
Therefore, it is suggested that the two group points are very useful in treating hyperpaemia. The research is still continue.

Case: 6
Conorary Heart Disease Treated with Neiguan P6
Reported by: Zhao Ying, Wu Qi, Lu Baonian, Chen Jian and Yang Guang
From : The Traditional Chinese Hospital, Hangzhao, China.

CONORARY HEART DISEASE is the main ailment which influence the life of human being. It belongs to the criteria of “ Angina Pectoris” According to the Chinese Philosophy – precordial pain caused by cold evil” etc. Clinical observation were carried on 36 patients of coronary heart disease at our hospital by using Acupoint – Neiguan, as suggested by TCM acupuncture theory more than 2000 years ago.

Clinical Materials:
Of 36 cases - 19 patients ( 53 % ) were Male , 17 patients ( 47 % ) female.
Female age ranged from 78 to 46 , with the average of 59 years old.
12 cases from 46 – 59 years old: 22 cases from 60 – 69 years ; 2 cases 70 –78 years. The longest suffered CHD for 15 years and the shortest, 6 months.

Therapeutic Method
Point Selection : Neiguan P 6
Manipulation : The point is located 2 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist, needling vertically and quickly, with a depth of ½ to 1 cun or 2 - 2.5 cm, twisting and twirling quickly for 2 minutes to make soreness, numbness, heaviness and distension sensation ( deqi) and let the needle sensation propagated to the elbow, axillary and the chest and retained the needle for 30 minutes, manipulation once between it, it should be done by qualified Acupuncture practitioner.

Therapeutic Course: Once daily for 6 treatments for a week. And continue the treatment for at least 3 weeks.

Therapeutic Results:
Of 36 cases, 16 patients feel relief all the main symptoms such as pain in the chest, palpitation, chest oppression, etc. were disappeared and another 18 patient did not have any pain at all.
Of 36 cases, 26 were having chest pain and all disappeared after needling. It show that acupuncture had obvious effect of promoting the blood circulation and disperse blood stasis, dredging the meridians and stopping pain. Of 29 palpitation cases, all were restored. It indicated that it had calm the heart and tranquilize effect. Of 35 patients with chest oppression, 33 recovered, 1 improved, 1 aggravated. This suggested that Neiguan points regulate ‘qi’ , strengthening heart, it also acted as a heart tonic.

Research Paper On Acupuncture

Research Papers On Acupuncture
And Their Therapeutic Value

Case: 1 Acupuncture & Migraine.

Reported by Dr Suleman Shaikh
From: Junnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.

MIGRAINE is the most serious ailment of all headache. Many drugs, from as simple as Panadol, Ponstan, Ergot to B-blockers are tried by allopathic doctors to treat this syndrome, but failed to cure. Acupuncture has been tried in 100 cases with success rate of about 80 % . The mechanism of action in these cases can be explained on the basis of Pomerenz Theory. Many studies have been done in this regard in the western world. The Pakistan experience is being submitted.

32 female and 8 male patients were referred to POE Hospital, WAH Cantonment, Pakistan. 6 needles were inserted on different acupoints of the body, electrically stimulated for 30 minutes and followed for 6 months. Frequency of headache and duration was reduced by 75 % to 65 % respectively. 70 % of the patients were improved enough to stop their use in drugs after treatment. 21 out of 40 patients were completely well. Common symptoms of migraine headache such as vomiting, bed rest, absence of work was reduced by 90 %
The normal point for migraine is Sishengcong EX 6 and ashi points.

Case: 2
Migraine Treated by German Acupuncturist

Reported by : Dr Gabriel Stux.
Acupuncture Center, Dusseldoft, West Germany

This study evaluates the results of acupuncture treatment in-patient with migraine. Very good improvement was observed in 88 % of the 50 patients. 12 % did not react to the treatment. These results are compared with the data in acupuncture literature, which show good results in treatment of migraine with acupuncture.

Case: 3
Obesity Treated With Acupuncture
Reported by: Dr J.K. Chandani, MBBS, DLO., MD
From: Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, India.

TEN years' experience with 100 cases of obesity treated with acupuncture therapy at Sir Gangaram Hospital were recorded.
The patients were weight before the start of therapy. This group included those patients who were considered 10 – 40 kg over weight. Treatment were given for weekly for three weeks. The weight reduction recorded was 6 – 10 kgs in 30 sittings I about 80 % cases there was no reduction in weight with another 20 % cases. The case followed up 6 to 12 months.
Points used: Hegu, Quichi, Yanglinquan, Bahui, Shenmen H 7

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Cerebral Palsy Treated at Nik Omar Acupuncture Centre

It is Not easy To Treat Celebral Palsy. It will take about 3 to 8 months to see Brain Development.

Some Case Cured With Acupuncture Treatment

Parkinsonism- 70 yrs retired teacher had slurred speech with tremors in right hand . Use of scalp Acupuncture and treating the five elements is the basis of treatment in parkinsonism. This patient was completely well after 30-40 days of treatment. A Businessman had family history of parkinsonism .
The list and the quantity of drugs were adding on and the disease was getting progressed. Acupuncture was used to control the disease. Rigidity was reduced with acupuncture & catgut embedding in 15 days. Further treatment made him speak well. A Diamond merchant had started acupuncture treatment in the early stage of Parkinson’s. The tremors in his hand disappeared in 15-20 days of treatment. Drugs were not started.

Cerebral Palsy- Fruit merchant’s kid could not walk . His legs were crossed. All the milestones were delayed. This child was given 15-20 days treatment every month. This child could attain a normal school after the treatment. Further treatments helped him to ride bicycle of his own .

The recovery attained was brilliant which helped this child to live and behave as a normal child and the hopeless parents becoming hopeful about their child and his future. A boy was admitted in a school for the mentally disabled. He was a diagnosed case of CP. MRI suggests microcephaly.

Acupuncture was started to improve his cognitive ability, learning ability, grasping capacity thereby improving his IQ. Boy responded well started behaving normally, stopped laughing and staring abnormally, learnt community living. Finally he could be admitted in a normal school but in lower grade as compared to the children of his age.

Epilepsy- 28 yr printer R/O Aurangabad was having Grand Mal Epilepsy. His MRI was normal, EEG confirmed the diagnosis. He was on regular antileptics. Inspite of the drugs he used to have episodes of attacks 2-3 times a month .He suffered with several tongue bites Acupuncture diagnosis in epilepsy is mainly dependent on five element study of the case. Perfect diagnosis gives quick results.

The number of attacks are reduced during the first course of acupuncture . Further treatments are then meant to reduce the doses of antileptics, this has to be done gradually and cautiously. The above mentioned case was successfully treated, he now runs a courier agency. 32 yrs female R/O Pune was suffering from Epileptic seizures 2-3 times a week . She was not responding even to heavy medication, According to Acupuncture we diagnosed it as Water-Fire imbalance. She was cured in about 6 months.

Trigeminal Neuralgia-
A famous artist R/O Hyderabad, had severe pain in tooth being referred over half side of the face. His pain was aggravated on intake of solid food and cold drinks. He could not concentrate on his profession and stopped paintings.

Trigeminal neuralgia is the affection of 5th cranial nerve. Carbamazepines are the commonly prescribed drugs in modern medicine. As the pain worsens the dosage of the drugs needs to be increased. Surgery being the other alternative where the affected nerve has to be destroyed with alcohol, Laser etc After 15 days of Acupuncture treatment he could eat rice. He was emotional and could not stop crying. He replied gladly, Sir I could eat rice after 9 mths. Drugs were gradually withdrawn.

Prof Dr Nik Omar Teaching Equine Acupuncture at Pasir Mas, Kelantan

Photos: Prof Dr Nik Omar teaching Equine Acupuncture to Students from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and India at Homeopathic & Acupuncture Academy of Chinese Medicine at Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Further Reading

Acupuncture and Veterinary - Acupuncture For Animals

Photo: Dr Nik with Kaaba Khan at Australia.

Charts for Acupuncture Points and Treatment

The following chart shows three acupuncture points used for colic. There are varying different points that can be used depending on type of colic: simple spastic, impacted, or constipation with inflation of the bowel with gases. Colic with torsion or intussusception of the intestine requires emergency surgical intervention. Happily, these are in the minority.

Things to be done for colic relief, while waiting for the vet to arrive are: Have two strong people interlock arms under the horse's belly and thrust arms upward against lolly several times at the rate of counting "one thousand and one (lift and jiggle belly), "one thousand arid two" (repeat lifting and jiggling belly of horse) for a dozen times or so; sometimes this will rearrange the intestines and relieve gas pressure in the colicky horse. This technique given courtesy of Dr. Lauren DeRock, equine acupuncturist,

Press hard bilaterally on all three points about 1 minute, alternate with homeopathic medication (Cuprum Metallicum 50Mx Arnica fix, and Bach Flower Calming Essence) as often as needed:

Stomach 2, below the midline of the eyeball in a small depression infraorbital foramen.
Stomach 36 - S 36 on the lateral topside of the tibia (upper part of lower leg) in line with knee joint, you can feel a small indentation with your finger. This point increases movement of the intestines (peristalsis).
Governing Vessel 1 - GV 1, lift tail up, in midline of tail head, right above anus. One point only.

Some Diseases Treated With Acupuncture at Nik Omar Acupuncture Centre

If You have any problem that can be solve with allopathy or western method of treament. Consult your nearest Acupuncturist. For Malay Acupuncturist at Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Bangi or Damansara call 03 40422020

Acupuncture works to treat Lazy Eye

Acupuncture works to treat lazy eye

(NaturalNews) Acupuncture works as well at treating lazy eye as conventional Western therapies, according to a study conducted by researchers from the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.

"Lazy eye," officially known as amblyopia, is characterized by markedly poor vision in one eye. It is the most common cause of childhood vision problems and can be easily corrected with glasses or contact lenses before the age of 7. After that age, the condition is harder to correct and is usually treated with therapies that deliberately handicap the strong eye in order to force improvement in the weak eye. One common therapy involves wearing a patch over the strong eye, while another involves using vision-blurring drops in that eye instead.

For the new study, researchers assigned 88 Chinese children between the ages of 7 and 12 who suffered from lazy eye either to undergo five traditional sessions per week for the condition or to wear a patch over their good eye for two hours per day. All participants were also given new glasses and instructed to perform near-vision activities for an hour a day.

After 25 weeks, 70 percent of participants in both groups had improved by two lines on an eye chart, the equivalent of improving from 20/40 to 20/25. In terms of recovery, acupuncture was far more effective than an eye patch: only 17 percent of children in the eye patch group experienced a complete recovery, compared with 42 percent of children in the acupuncture group.

Acupuncture provides distinct advantages over conventional therapies, in that it imposes limited hardship on the patient. In contrast, vision-blurring drops can make homework difficult, and children can face severe social stigma for wearing eye patches.

Unfortunately, five weekly acupuncture sessions require a greater time commitment from parents. In addition, few acupuncturists in the United States are trained to treat lazy eye.

Nevertheless, the researchers hailed their findings as promising.

"Don't knock Chinese medicine," senior researcher Robert Ritch said. "It's been around for more than 3,000 years and there's a lot we don't understand yet."

Sources for this story include:

Learn more:

olycystic ovary syndrome breakthrough - Acupuncture and Exercise Normalize hormones H

olycystic ovary syndrome breakthrough - Acupuncture and exercise normalize hormones

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 by: Sherry Baker, Health Sciences Editor


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition that affects up to 10 percent of women during their child-bearing years -- and it's a disorder than causes a host of heartbreaking problems. PCOS is the result of eggs that don't mature and are not released from the ovaries. Instead, small ovarian cysts form, wrecking the balance of a woman's sex hormones.

The results? Irregular, missed and/or extremely heavy periods as well as difficulty becoming pregnant. PCOS also causes an increase in androgens, or male hormones, leading to decreased breast size, a deepened voice, increase in hair on the face and body with thinning of hair on the head, and severe acne. Obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease are also widespread among women with PCOS.

Mainstream medicine has little help for the disorder; treatment focuses on managing PCOS symptoms with birth control pills, laser hair removal on the face and body, acne medication and even total hysterectomies followed by hormone replacement. But now researchers from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have found alternative, non-drug therapies that improve the hormone levels and menstrual bleeding pattern in women with PCOS -- acupuncture and physical exercise.

In the new study, just published in the American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism, a group of women with PCOS were given acupuncture where the needles were stimulated both manually and with a weak electric current. A second group of study participants was told to exercise at least three times a week, while a third group acted as controls. All the women were given information on the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet.

"The study shows that both acupuncture and exercise reduce high levels of testosterone and lead to more regular menstruation," researcher Elisabet Stener-Victorin, who headed the study, said in a statement to the media. "Of the two treatments, the acupuncture proved more effective."

Although PCOS impacts one woman in ten, the cause isn't known. "However, we've recently demonstrated that women with PCOS have a highly active sympathetic nervous system, the part that isn't controlled by our will, and that both acupuncture and regular exercise reduced levels of activity in this system compared with the control group, which could be an explanation for the results," Stener-Victorin added.

Learn more:

Tinnitus and Acupuncture treatment

Photo: Tinnitus undergone Acupuncture Treatment at our FAHOM Medical Centre at Gelang Mas, Kelantan.

Tinnitus According to Western Opinion
How tinnitus can impact your life - you are not alone. We can connect you with tinnitus health professionals in your area, provide you with helpful tinnitus tips and what treatment options currently exist.

There is no cure for tinnitus. The only way to reach that ultimate silence is by supporting ATA's research program. ATA gives you, the individual, the ability to invest in that collective goal of silencing ringing in the ears.

Do You Know That Tinnitus Can Be Cured.

There are good chances for you to try Acupuncture for Tinnitus. There are many patients who get benefit through this method.

Acupuncture Points for tinnitus: Wangu, Qiaoyin, Fubai, Qubin, Shangguan, Tianghui.

Bunyi Dalam Telinga: Tinnitus

Rawatan Akupunktur boleh membantu anda mengatasi masalah bunyi dalam telinga. Mengikut pegajian perubatan biasa, tinnitus tidak ada ubat dan anda harus menerima hakikat ini.
Apakah anda boleh terima kenyataan ini ? Dan menunggu saat kematian anda yang tidak tahu bila.
Adalah lebih baik anda berusaha mengubati penyakit ini dengan cara akupunktur dari menunggu saat kematian anda yang tidak tahu bila !
Jinaka Anda menpunyai masalah, anda boleh hubungi kami ditalian 03 4042 2020 atau baca alamat besar kami dilaman