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Prostate With Acupuncture Laser

Case: 4
Chronic Prostatitis With Acupuncture Laser
By You Shiheng and Zhang Silin
From Yantai Hill Hospital, Zhifu District, Yantai, China.

Remarkable therapeutic effects has been obtained by laser acupuncture to treat 88 cases of chronic prostatitis from Oct 1985 to May 1986 .
Patients who had been diagnosed as Chronic Prostatitis and are not responded to other treatment , were treated with acupuncture .

Criteria of diagnosis :Bearing down pain of the perineum , pain of the lower abdomen and the waist , frequent micturation , impairment of sexual function , and other common clinical symptoms related . Significant swelling and tenderness of the prostate during digital examination per anus . Criteria of Therapeutic Effect : Cure ; Disappearance of subjective symptoms , no tenderness during digital examination of prostate , no inflammatory manifestation of prostatic fluid, size of prostate reduced to normal range.

Treatment: Acupuncture needle were inserted at point of Hegu LI 4, Quich LI 11 Huiyin Ren 1 and Chuku Ren 2.

Result: 88 cases of chronic prostatitis were treated by combine classical acupuncture needle and laser acupuncture method, with a cure of 53 – 54 % and effective rate of 98.9 %. Its advantages are as follow: High effective rate, shorter therapeutic course, no adverse reactions, safe and easy to manipulate, as compare with other methods
( allopathic) adopted at home and abroad.

Case: 5

Cases of Hyperlipaemia Treated by Acupuncture
Reported by: Jio Zinmin and Yin Kejing
From : Second Hospital, Dept. of Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Traditional Chinese Medical College, Shaanxi, China.

In resent years, we have treated hyperlipaemia with acupuncture. Two groups were used: The 1st Group involve Sanyinjiao, Zusanli and Neiguan and the 2nd Group involve Leique, Yanglingquan GB 34 and Fenglong ST 40 which was used alternate every day, according to the change of symptoms, other points would also selected.
Reducing method of stimulation usually was used in acupuncture process which was about 15 minutes and 10 therapy constituted a course of treatment. The patient blood lipids was measured at beginning and after acupuncture.

However the treatment was applied according to the theory of TCM. As we know that those acupoint of Sanyinjiao, Zsuanli, Neiguan, Lieque, Yanglingquan and Fenlong are very effective of building up the spleen , dissolving the spleen, balance the dampness, removing the stagnation of Liver “Qi” , etc.

The result as follows: Blood lipids of 73 cases were decreased among the 82 cases, about 89 % of the patient, lowered the level of cholestrol very much.
Therefore, it is suggested that the two group points are very useful in treating hyperpaemia. The research is still continue.

Case: 6
Conorary Heart Disease Treated with Neiguan P6
Reported by: Zhao Ying, Wu Qi, Lu Baonian, Chen Jian and Yang Guang
From : The Traditional Chinese Hospital, Hangzhao, China.

CONORARY HEART DISEASE is the main ailment which influence the life of human being. It belongs to the criteria of “ Angina Pectoris” According to the Chinese Philosophy – precordial pain caused by cold evil” etc. Clinical observation were carried on 36 patients of coronary heart disease at our hospital by using Acupoint – Neiguan, as suggested by TCM acupuncture theory more than 2000 years ago.

Clinical Materials:
Of 36 cases - 19 patients ( 53 % ) were Male , 17 patients ( 47 % ) female.
Female age ranged from 78 to 46 , with the average of 59 years old.
12 cases from 46 – 59 years old: 22 cases from 60 – 69 years ; 2 cases 70 –78 years. The longest suffered CHD for 15 years and the shortest, 6 months.

Therapeutic Method
Point Selection : Neiguan P 6
Manipulation : The point is located 2 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist, needling vertically and quickly, with a depth of ½ to 1 cun or 2 - 2.5 cm, twisting and twirling quickly for 2 minutes to make soreness, numbness, heaviness and distension sensation ( deqi) and let the needle sensation propagated to the elbow, axillary and the chest and retained the needle for 30 minutes, manipulation once between it, it should be done by qualified Acupuncture practitioner.

Therapeutic Course: Once daily for 6 treatments for a week. And continue the treatment for at least 3 weeks.

Therapeutic Results:
Of 36 cases, 16 patients feel relief all the main symptoms such as pain in the chest, palpitation, chest oppression, etc. were disappeared and another 18 patient did not have any pain at all.
Of 36 cases, 26 were having chest pain and all disappeared after needling. It show that acupuncture had obvious effect of promoting the blood circulation and disperse blood stasis, dredging the meridians and stopping pain. Of 29 palpitation cases, all were restored. It indicated that it had calm the heart and tranquilize effect. Of 35 patients with chest oppression, 33 recovered, 1 improved, 1 aggravated. This suggested that Neiguan points regulate ‘qi’ , strengthening heart, it also acted as a heart tonic.

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