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Research Paper On Acupuncture

Research Papers On Acupuncture
And Their Therapeutic Value

Case: 1 Acupuncture & Migraine.

Reported by Dr Suleman Shaikh
From: Junnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.

MIGRAINE is the most serious ailment of all headache. Many drugs, from as simple as Panadol, Ponstan, Ergot to B-blockers are tried by allopathic doctors to treat this syndrome, but failed to cure. Acupuncture has been tried in 100 cases with success rate of about 80 % . The mechanism of action in these cases can be explained on the basis of Pomerenz Theory. Many studies have been done in this regard in the western world. The Pakistan experience is being submitted.

32 female and 8 male patients were referred to POE Hospital, WAH Cantonment, Pakistan. 6 needles were inserted on different acupoints of the body, electrically stimulated for 30 minutes and followed for 6 months. Frequency of headache and duration was reduced by 75 % to 65 % respectively. 70 % of the patients were improved enough to stop their use in drugs after treatment. 21 out of 40 patients were completely well. Common symptoms of migraine headache such as vomiting, bed rest, absence of work was reduced by 90 %
The normal point for migraine is Sishengcong EX 6 and ashi points.

Case: 2
Migraine Treated by German Acupuncturist

Reported by : Dr Gabriel Stux.
Acupuncture Center, Dusseldoft, West Germany

This study evaluates the results of acupuncture treatment in-patient with migraine. Very good improvement was observed in 88 % of the 50 patients. 12 % did not react to the treatment. These results are compared with the data in acupuncture literature, which show good results in treatment of migraine with acupuncture.

Case: 3
Obesity Treated With Acupuncture
Reported by: Dr J.K. Chandani, MBBS, DLO., MD
From: Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, India.

TEN years' experience with 100 cases of obesity treated with acupuncture therapy at Sir Gangaram Hospital were recorded.
The patients were weight before the start of therapy. This group included those patients who were considered 10 – 40 kg over weight. Treatment were given for weekly for three weeks. The weight reduction recorded was 6 – 10 kgs in 30 sittings I about 80 % cases there was no reduction in weight with another 20 % cases. The case followed up 6 to 12 months.
Points used: Hegu, Quichi, Yanglinquan, Bahui, Shenmen H 7

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