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Some Diseases Treated at Department of Chinese Medicine, Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia Teaching Hospital

Tinnitus stop after 8 session ( one session weekly)

Trembling and shaking of body stop after 10 session of acupuncture treatments

upper back pain

Problems of legs

Calender of Students Coming to Malaysia To Take Acupuncture Course 2009

Here are list of Acupuncture Students Who Will be Coming to Malaysia to take Acupuncture course at our Institute.

February 2009:

* Mr Mahadi - Malaysia
* Dr Simon Benfield - United Kingdom
* Dr Kelvint Lam - Brazil

March 2009

* Dr Zainab Kusiar - Malaysia
* Dr Faisal Ramadan Al-Kandary - Syria
* Mrs Soad Ali Sarkaz - Libya

April 2009

* Dr Ahmad Shhiep - Saudi Arabia
* Mrs Soad Ali Sarkaz - Libya
* Dr Hayder Jabor - Holland
* Dr Maryam Unal - Greece
* Dr Adam Wong - Malaysia

May 2009

* Nika Skrjanc - Greece

July 2009

* Dr Anne Maree Downing - Australia

August 2009

* Dr David Manfield - New York, USA

September 2009

* Dr Ahmet Mir - Istabul, Turkey
* Dr Eric Blake - Norway

October 2009

* 4-5 th October - 10 students all over the world be taking acupuncture course, while attending 18th Internatiaon Conference on Acupuncture & Homeopathy at Kuala Lumpur. Headed by Dr Memhet Kocabas from Turkey.

* Dr Chairong Dusit - Bangkok, Thailand
* Mr Samuel Hall - Phillipine

November 2009

* Dr Haroon Iqbal - South Africa


Monday, February 23, 2009

Student From Brazil Completed His Master In Acupuncture - M.Ac ( Malaysia)

Dr LKT Kelvint from Brazil has qualified his internship at our Hospital for his Master in Acupuncture.

The Criteria for M.Ac (Malaysia)

* Must be a qualified Acupuncturist with at least a Diploma or Bachelor level in Acupuncture.
* Must at least have five years experience in Acupuncture practice.
* Must present a thesis not less than 200 cases of patients treated with acupuncture.
* Must completed at least 500 credit hours of training or experience in Acupuncture

Dr LKT Kelvint has submitted his thesis of 220 cases with some photograph and research works on Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dr Simon Benfield From United Kingdom Has Completed His Internship at FAHOM Malaysia

Three students Mrs Veronica, Simon Benfield from United Kingdom and Mr Mahadi has completed their Internship at Department of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia on 20th Feb., 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS

How can acupuncture improve IBS symptoms? Acupuncture is recognized as being an effective therapy for treating the following conditions which are often symptoms of IBS:

• Muscle cramps
• Abdominal pain
• Constipation
• Diarrhea
. gases, burning sensation
.Colon and carcinoid cancer
.Inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis)
.Bowel obstructions
.Diverticulosis / Diverticulitis
.Food allergies
.Celiac (a genetic, autoimmune disorder resulting in gluten intolerance)
.Bacterial infections and small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
.Intestinal parasites
.Ovarian cancer

In addition, acupuncture effectively reduces stress and other negative issues that often cause IBS symptoms to occur. Some of these include:

• Nervousness
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
• Menstrual cramps

further reading

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On My Visit To Solo, Indonesia

Solo 14 Feb 2009

I went to Solo to find a an old bottle lamp some where at Antique Bazar at Triwindu but unfortunate, Triwindu was demolished and they said it will be open back in May. So if you are antique collector you may come back to Solo in May.
So happen on 17 night they have some festival at Triwindu. You can find almost everything there, just like Pasar Seni but perhaps you get more...

Yokyakarta 17 Feb , we manage to go to Borobodur again, Nik Badrul climb up, but me, was so tired and enjoy 'Picit-picitan' at Borobodur footstep

Massage , Malay , Thai & Javanese

Massage therapy (and, in general, the laying on of hands for health purposes) dates back thousands of years. References to massage have been found in ancient writings from many cultures, including those of Ancient Malay, Thai, Javanese, Greece, Ancient Rome, Japan, China, Egypt, and the Indian subcontinent.

Effects of Thai-Massage:

*deep relaxation (physical and mental)
*decreases stress
*increases energy
*can promote development of body awareness
*can reduce risk of joint sprain or muscle sprain
*can reduce risk of back problems
*can reduce muscle soreness
*can reduce the severity of painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea) for female
*can reduce muscle tension
*increases range of movement of joints
*assists posture and alignment
*improves circulation
*relieves pain *restores vitality
*changes body and time perceptions
*strengthens internal organs
*revitalizes the chakras/endocrine system
*resets the rhythms of the body
*reharmonizes the internal and external experiences
*reconnects the energy of the body, mind and spirit
*creates a lasting feeling of well-being
*reduce stress * reduce pain
*reduce swelling *increase blood circulation
*increase lymphatic circulation
*faciliate the removal of toxins
*increase joint mobility *improve flexibility
*improve body symmetry *increase energy flow
*faciliate contact with unconscious memories
*faciliate the release of emotional pain

Urutan Melayu sememangnya bagus untuk pelancaran darah, meyihatkan badan, buang angin dalam badan, legakan urat saraf yang radang, bengkak dan sakit. Urut sekali satu atau dua bulan memang digalakkan.

Piles [ Haemorrhoids ] - Buasir

Haemorrhoids (Piles)- Buasir
Haemorrhoids (often known as Piles) are enlarged and engorged blood vessels in or around the back passage (anus). These may be associated with pain, bleeding, itching and feeling as if a lump or bump is hanging down.

You may notice a pain or ache around the anus and lower bowel (rectum), which can be really quite severe.
There may be itching of the area.
There may be bleeding from the back passage. This will be bright red blood, not usually mixed in with the motion, but often seen on the toilet paper.
There is often a feeling of something coming down, or a bulge or lump at the anus.
If a haemorrhoid at the outside of the anus gets a blood clot in it (thrombosed external pile) it leads to a particularly tender, hardish lump.

Alternative Medicines
Homeopathic - About 15 homeopathic remedies are considered as the best and specific for blind piles [ buasir] or haemorrhoid [ buasir berdarah ]. I have treated with such patients with great success.

Acupuncture - this treatment is another method whcih are very helpful to complete the cure. If you are using both the treatment it will give fast result.
You can see some of the photos that we have treated above.

Buasir sama ada berdarah atau tidak, memang bagus dengan perawatan hmeopati atau akupunktur. Banyak kes-kes buasir berdarah umpamanya dapat disembuhkan melalui kaedah homeopati. Fistula juga bagus dengan ubat-ubat homeopati. Selamat mencuba.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Zulkifly bin Mohammad Qualified Cupping Al Hijamah

[ Pelajar ini ] Zulkifly bin Mohammad is our student in Department of Malay Medicine, Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia. He has qualified his Cupping Certificate from our Academy last week. We wish him good luck.

Setiap pengamal bekam hendaklah mempunyai sijil atau ijazah
Di Perguruan kami Fakulti Perubatan Homeopati, Jabatan Pengajian Perubatan Melayu, kami akan ajar cara yang betul untuk berbekam dan kami akan mengeluarkan sijil yang sah untuk setiap pelajar untuk berbekam. Lihat laman bekam kami

Dr Simon Benfield from Glastonbury, England During Housemanship at Acupuncture Centre at Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

Dr Simon Benfield from United Kingdom has been our registerd student in Acupuncture Department since 2006 and he came back again to Malaysia last month to complete his two yaers study in Classical Acupuncture at Our Hospital at Pasir Mas. He will be completed his internship end of Febuary 2009

Abdul Ghani ( Rany) SOS From Perth, Australia Qualified Cupping Al Hijamah From Malaysia

Bangi, Selangor.

Today 15 Febuary 2009 A student from Perth Australia, Mr Abdul Ghani ( Rany) SOS has qualified and has accrediated as Cupping Al Hijamah ( Bekam ) Practitioners. He has been practising Hijmah for the last 5 years In Australia and New Zealand. After satisfied with his works experience , Mr Abdul Ghani has taken his examnation at Bangi and today he has qualified and was accrediated and listed as Al Hijamah Practitioner.

Mr Abdul Ghani, From Australia

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Acupuncture Courses Malaysia 2009 - 2015

Visit Kelantan
Travel / Study Tour to Kelantan

Professional Acupuncture Course

For Beginners

Welcome to Malaysia
Welcome To Short Intensive Acupuncture Course Program 2009 -2010 Update
See our program at

See also our staff & Lecturers at January Issue

What is Acupuncture


From the book: The Clinical Acupuncture & Moxibustion
The Classical Chinese Medicine
Written by: Prof Dr Nik Omar & Nik Fairuz Hakim

Director, Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture, Malaysia

As long as 5,000 years ago it was noted in China that soldiers wounded by arrow sometimes recovered from illness which had afflicted them for many years. From these observations the principle evolve that by penetrating the skin at certain points many diseases were apparently spontaneously cured. Later it was observed that the size of the wound did not matter, but only its exact location and depth. The Chinese then begin to copy the effect of the arrow by artificially puncturing the skin.

At first pointed wooden sticks were used, then thorns and still later bronze and iron needle. By about 2,950 B.C., it had been observed that different metals had different effects. In order to cure some diseases it was necessary to produce a stimulating effect and for other a sedative effect.

In Brazil, a tribe shoots tiny arrows from blowpipes on to specific areas of the skin. The Bantu of South Africa scratch certain areas of their skin, while the Eskimos use sharpened stones to stop the pains. In India, skin is cauterized with a hot metal rod to relieve pain. In Malaysia especially at the East Coast State of Kelantan, our elders use sharp heated stone, cover with cotton clothes and press at the area of pain to produce analgesic result ( tuku ). While in post-natal period, the mother use moxibustion by burning some wood under the bed or near the bed for about 40 days ( bedian ) This therapy normally is very good for sprain, swelling or muscular inflammation, lumbago, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, etc. and is practiced mostly by the village folks.

Later, the use of gold and silver needle was developed as the answer to this need. It was thought that the gold needle acted as stimulator and silver as sedator.
In resent years however, it has been discovered that it was not the metal, which produce the effect, but the method of application. Today, the acupuncturist use needle made from specially processed stainless still.
These are some of the rudimentary forms of acupuncture practiced in different parts of the world.

The Origin of Acupuncture

Some believe that acupuncture originated in Central Asia then spread to India and Arabian countries. The Chinese claim it to be their own science originating as far back as 5000 years ago. Though the popularity of acupuncture has declined and waned over the years, the Chinese have nursed it brought to its present level of popularity and scientific acceptance. For this, the entire credit must be given to them.

The earliest writing on acupuncture go back 4,500 years when 34 books were published in Chinese by Huang Ti Nei Jing - Su Wen ( The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine ) . This collection took over 1,500 years to complete, the final chapter been written about 3,000 years ago. It is said to be the oldest medical text in the world.
Traditional Chinese Medicine still adhere largely to the wisdom contain in this work and include diet, manipulation and massage, hydrotherapy, herbs, Tai Chi and breathing exercises. A special section of it, called Ling Shu ( Magic Gate ) is devoted to acupuncture and moxibustion.

Though it give more important to the curative aspect of acupuncture, the Chinese traditionally consider it more as a preventive science. During the Tsin Dynasty ( 265 - 420 A.D) , acupuncture were paid only so long as the patient remained health. In fact, they were forced to follow a curious practice, that of hanging a lighted lantern over the front-doors every time one of their patients dies. The natural death of a very old person and that of very seriously sick patient were the only exceptions.
In the first half of the twentieth century, acupuncture's popularity was at a very low ebb. Where the Chinese Government banned the use of acupuncture in China. But after the Cultural Revolution, Mao Tse Tung revived it in 1949 and started to produce Bare Foot Doctor through The Classical Academy of Chinese Medicine, all over the country.

Largest Complementary Practitioner In The World

Today, the Chinese Medical Practitioners and Acupuncturist are considered as the largest numbers of practitioners in the world. It is spreading dramatically throughout the world, especially in the western countries such as USA, Europe and Latin America.

In China , almost all Chinese Hospital are giving acupuncture treatments , today there are over 1 million doctors practice acupuncture, along with Chinese medicine, in Japan 30,000 and throughout the East the totals approach 800,000. It is use in many hospital in France and Germany, where this treatment can be obtain under the national health scheme and in Russia it is thought in several universities, where there are over 1000 practitioners, in EU countries more than 10,000 acupuncturists and in Malaysia more than 500 full time and part time acupuncturists, some practicing along with Chinese herbal medicine ( sinseh ), while others, like the authors are using integrated medicine, i.e. acupuncture therapy externally and orally homeopathic remedies.

Twenty years back acupuncturists in Malaysia were monopolizing mainly by the Chinese. But nowadays it has been practicing by all the races including the Malays, Indians and Ibans of Sarawak. Thanks to Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture
( RIMAc) at Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia which are running courses and research works in spreading this Classical Chinese Acupuncture among the Malaysian.
Lately our Open International University concept of learning has been attracting students from all over the world including EU, Latin America and US.

Throughout the entire years of our practice using this form of integrated medicine, we found out that the success rate a very much encouraging. 95 % of our patients feel very much satisfied with this form of therapy

Diseases Responded with Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture treatment cannot cure all diseases but many chronic diseases that cannot be cured through ordinary form of treatment may be tried with acupuncture therapy. The following problems may be successfully treated with acupuncture, such as migraine, headache, ulcer and digestive trouble, lumbago, arthritis, fibrositis, neuritis, sciatica, rheumatism, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other skin condition, high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety state, asthma, bronchitis and many others.

The reader will observe that this are generally "functional disorder ". That is to say, disorders of the function of the organ involve rather than organic disease which severe tissue change. Acupuncture is not a panacea and should be combine with other therapies, for the treatment of degenerative illness. It can be said that acupuncture can usefully treat every conditional but not cure any individual case.

The theory behind acupuncture is that there exist in the body dual flow of energy called Yin and Yang, contained with an overall conception of energy known as the qi (chi ) or life force. This are expressed in every thing in the universe, day and night, elasticity and contract ability, hot and cold, life and death. Everything has it force of opposition, but this opposition by it very existence is it self-complementary. Young tends to stimulate, to expand and is the positive principle, while Yin tends to sedate, to contract and is the negative principle. In the west our philosophy is contain within a monolithic principle whereas in the east, there is a dualistic conception of mother energy and life.

Health is dependence on the equilibrium of yin and yang, firstly within the body and secondly within the entire universe. They must be protected and keep in equilibrium, for otherwise disease will develop. The Chinese discovered that this " Vital Energy" (yin and Yang) circulates in the body along the meridians. Similarly to the blood, nerve and lympathic circuits. The flow along the meridian maybe detected in the living body by electro-acupuncture and other means.

The Meridians

There are 14 main circuits which are known as meridians, is associated with a different body function or organ. The state of this meridian can be assessed at the two radial pulses felt on the forearms just above the wrist. The condition of yin and yang and the state of various systems in the body can be estimated before any sign and symptoms become apparent. By using this method, the Chinese doctors know when a patient heart is deteriorating and he can offer advice before the illness develops. Traditionally, the Chinese doctor was only paid a fee when the patient was well. It was, therefore, in his interests, to keep the patients well and thereby receive his remuneration.

The body keeps yin and Ying harmony by dispelling surplus energy via the skin surface at certain points of the meridian and by shifting energy to deficient areas of the organism. Traditionally there are about 365 ( days in a year ) of this points, but the existence of new one is continuously been found. In diseased condition there is a break down of this process and the energy flow are unbalanced. Often certain points become painful when pressed and these are associated with the condition that is developing. In order to treat illness it is necessary to rectify any imbalance in the energy flow. By piecing the skin at certain points, the energy flow is stimulated or sedated; its balance is altered within the body so as to restore the function equilibrium in the organism.

Recently, discoveries have been made which prove the efficacy of the Chinese system. A Japanese electronics engineer has developed apparatus, which records the different between the 14 radial pulses. A Korean worker, Prof Kim Bongham has demonstrated the existence of the meridians as a separate physiological system. He further showed that the meridians contain DNA and RNA-two substances basic to life and reproduction. His work, documented with histological, pathological and photographic evidence is now available in English.

One of the most important recent advances has been the introduction of Electro-acupuncture. Here a meter records the reduced skin resistance over the acupoints. A photo-electric cell indicates to the practitioner when he is over these points. The states of Yin and Yang are assessed by Electro-acupuncture and the treatment is applied prophylactically and therapeutically, according to the state of the chi imbalance.

The traditional acupuncture will assess the condition of the meridians by feeling the "Chinese Pulse" at the radial artery. In disease the pulses become disturbed and a wide variety of differing tensions, hardness, fullness, quietness, over and under-activity can be felt. An experienced acupuncturist can discern hundreds of different of different feeling of the pulses. From this he will know which meridians need to be balanced and by using one of the many system of treatment he will know exactly which acupoints to needle. And unbalance meridian will be tender at the points requiring treatment and the experience practitioners can actually feel the point.

Some acupuncturist makes use of electronic apparatus to locate the point, but it is doubtful if the machine will ever be as sensitive as the experienced finger. Certain machine may also be use therapeutically instead of needle. Whether the practitioner's uses a machine or his fingers to locate the points, it is imperative to ascertain the state of the meridians by feeling and understanding the Chinese pulses. Some practitioners who are not trained in the traditional methods use a repertory of symptomatology to determine the points to be needled. For certain diseases the needle set points. This method is never really satisfactory, as it ignores the total state of the patient's physical condition.

Once the exact point has been located, needles are inserted in the skin to varying depths according to the points and conditions being treated. They are left in place for various length of time ranging from a few seconds to several minutes. In some condition very special needle may be left in for two to three weeks. The operation is almost painless and dramatic reduction of disease syndrome often follows.

Many more advances are being made as practitioners combines traditional Chinese method with western techniques such as homeopathy or allopathic medications. There is little doubt that in the next decade acupuncture will become one of the most important diagnostic and therapeutic method in medicine, provided always that is combine within other mode of medicinal therapy and not use as a panacea.

New Trend

At the moment in medical history, we are witnessing the new trend of millenium thinking where every where the people are turning to alternative therapies. According to the latest report in United States alone, more than half the population visits alternative health care provider, as opposed to ordinary medical system and this numbers are increasing day by day.

In our rapid shrinking world and at the time of information explosion, what will prevail is that which will work. Let us give a chance to the old wisdom, the ancient acupuncture, with the new millenium concept of healing, to have a fair chance in aiding us for good health and longevity. I too, feel certain that 21st century medicine will witness the inevitable and long awaited reconciliation of science, philosophy and art, East and West, old and new to make our body healthier, sane and balance.
The ancient acupuncture was very impressive in the past, very good at present and I am sure it will be excellence medicine for the future generation.
At the moment, acupuncture is still the faith of the few, but shows few signs of becoming the faith of the many.
In Malaysia, our college , Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture which are based at No.122 Taman Universiti, Kg Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia have been promoting and popularizing this ancient arts and science for the last 20 years. Prof Dr Sir Nik Omar are the first Malay in Malaysia to teach and spread this form of Chinese Traditional Medicine among the Malays in Malaysia and in Asean countries.

- from the book written by Prof Dr Nik Omar & Nik fairuz Hakim
The book is available via E mail:

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In January 2009 Issue

Chief Minister of Kelantan Tuan Guru Dato Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat at Internationa Homeopathic Conference Malaysia 1998

The Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association - MRHP
The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia - FAHOM
The Asian Homeopathic Medical Leagure - AHML

Are few active Homeopathic Organization in Malaysia

Prof Mohd Nasir & Mat Zin Abd. Rahman, Secteraty General of MRHP and Deputy President of MRHP Malaysia with Tuan Guru dato Nik Abd Aziz Nik Mat at the Conference in 1998

His Highness The Sultan of Kelantan has inaugurate The International Conference at Kelantan 1998

Prof Dr Mohd Nasir berangkat sembah KDYMM Al Sultan kelantan sewaktu tiba.

KDYMM Al Sultan memberi titah ucapan perasmian

KDYMM Al Sultan Kelantan sewaktu bersama Presiden Persatuan pengamal Perubatan Homeopathy Berdaftar Malaysia Prof Dr Nik Omar di persidangan ICHC 1998 di Kelantan.

DYMM Raja Perempuan Kelantan turut berangkat mencemar kaki di Persidangan tersebut. Di belakangnya Dr hajjah Faridah bt Awang Hamat.

Semuga KDYMM Al-Sultan & Raja Perempuan Kelantan dilanjutkan umur dan sentiada diberkati dan di Rahmati Allaw swt.

Floatters in Eyes & Acupuncture Treatment

Question From a Patient:

I am suffering from eye floatters in my both eye from last 7 months and my age is only 27 yrs old. When i eye any thing 2-3 black spots and cloud like formation comes in the view which irritates me a lot. It moves as my eye ball moves. Here in Lucknow Doctor says that my eye is healthy after taking tests and was told me that there is no cure of floatters, the only thing is you have to bear it. Now i am observing the floatter size is increasing gradually.
Is it possible to remove these floatters?

Answer: Since there no treatment in western medicine, why not try acupuncture externally and homeopathic medication orally. You have a better chance to recover.