Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Massage , Malay , Thai & Javanese

Massage therapy (and, in general, the laying on of hands for health purposes) dates back thousands of years. References to massage have been found in ancient writings from many cultures, including those of Ancient Malay, Thai, Javanese, Greece, Ancient Rome, Japan, China, Egypt, and the Indian subcontinent.

Effects of Thai-Massage:

*deep relaxation (physical and mental)
*decreases stress
*increases energy
*can promote development of body awareness
*can reduce risk of joint sprain or muscle sprain
*can reduce risk of back problems
*can reduce muscle soreness
*can reduce the severity of painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea) for female
*can reduce muscle tension
*increases range of movement of joints
*assists posture and alignment
*improves circulation
*relieves pain *restores vitality
*changes body and time perceptions
*strengthens internal organs
*revitalizes the chakras/endocrine system
*resets the rhythms of the body
*reharmonizes the internal and external experiences
*reconnects the energy of the body, mind and spirit
*creates a lasting feeling of well-being
*reduce stress * reduce pain
*reduce swelling *increase blood circulation
*increase lymphatic circulation
*faciliate the removal of toxins
*increase joint mobility *improve flexibility
*improve body symmetry *increase energy flow
*faciliate contact with unconscious memories
*faciliate the release of emotional pain

Urutan Melayu sememangnya bagus untuk pelancaran darah, meyihatkan badan, buang angin dalam badan, legakan urat saraf yang radang, bengkak dan sakit. Urut sekali satu atau dua bulan memang digalakkan.

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