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Our New Medical Centre at Kuala Lumpur HQ

With effective From 1st May 2009
We are no more at Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kg Baru

From 11 May 2009, We have Shifted To Our New Clinic at
No12-1, Jalan 2/23a, Off Jalan Genting Klang, Taman Danau Kota, Setapak 53300 , Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 0341417770 or 0193700999 

Clinic Time: 9.30 am till 7.00 pm daily Sunday Until 1.00 only.  *Homeopathic & Acupuncture Centre* at Kuala Lumpur, HQ  Tel: 03- 41417770/019-3700999 We Are Situated at the MAIN ROAD Off jalan Genting Klang. from Bulatan Pahang to Jalan genting Klang.. heading to MRR2  
Walking Distance From: Columbia Hospital, Opposite to Festival City Mall,  Near JPJ / Puspakom Wangsa Maju,  
 Nearest Station: Wangsa Maju LRT Station

Friday, April 17, 2009

Calendar Of Acupuncture Courses 2009

Calender of Students Coming to Malaysia To Take Acupuncture Course 2009

Here are list of Acupuncture Students Who Will be Coming to Malaysia to take Acupuncture course at our Institute.

February 2009:

* Mr Mahadi - Malaysia
* Dr Simon Benfield - United Kingdom
* Dr Kelvint Lam - Brazil

March 2009

* Dr Zainab Kusiar - Malaysia
* Dr Faisal Ramadan Al-Kandary - Syria
* Mrs Soad Ali Sarkaz - Libya

April 2009

* Dr Ahmad Shhiep - Saudi Arabia
* Mrs Soad Ali Sarkaz - Libya
* Dr Hayder Jabor - Holland
* Dr Maryam Unal - Greece
* Dr Adam Wong - Malaysia

May 2009

* Nika Skrjanc - Greece

July 2009

* Dr Anne Maree Downing - Australia

August 2009

* Dr David Manfield - New York, USA

September 2009

* Dr Ahmet Mir - Istabul, Turkey
* Dr Eric Blake - Norway

October 2009

* 4-5 th October - 10 students all over the world be taking acupuncture course, while attending 18th Internatiaon Conference on Acupuncture & Homeopathy at Kuala Lumpur. Headed by Dr Memhet Kocabas from Turkey.

* Dr Chairong Dusit - Bangkok, Thailand
* Mr Samuel Hall - Phillipine

November 2009

* Dr Haroon Iqbal - South Africa


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
and Complementary Medicine

Some Options

For anxiety, promoting a sense of well-being, and reducing pain

Homeopathy Treatment
Deep breathing
Muscle relaxation techniques
Healing touch
Movement therapies: stretching, physical therapy, yoga, qigong, and tai chi
Alleviate pain and improve energy

Homeopathic Medication

Masalah Keletihan
Ramai dikalangan para pesakit tidak tahu kemana mereka harus pergi untuk mendapatkan rawatan untuk masalah keletihan, penat atau juga dikenali sebagai ' Chronic fatigue Syndrome' atau dalam Bahasa melayu - Syndrom Keletihan.

Baik orang tua mahupun orang muda, penyakit ini boleh diatasi dengan memakan ubat-ubat homepati serta membuat terapi akupunktur.

Reiki Healing & Fibroyalgia

Does reiki complement pain control in fibromyalgia?
More than 50 major hospitals and clinics throughout the United States offer energy healing to patients

This study by researchers from the University of Washington concluded, “Neither reiki nor touch improved the symptoms of fibromyalgia.”

First, the details.

100 adults with fibromyalgia were randomly assigned to a treatment group.
Reiki by a reiki master
Sham reiki by an actor
Direct touch
No touch (distant therapy)
Treatment was twice-weekly for 8 weeks.
The researchers looked for changes in subjective pain as measured by visual analog scale during, at the end of the study, and 3 months later.
The researchers were not aware of the treatment given — single-blinded.
And, the results.

Neither reiki nor touch had any effect on pain.
There were also no changes in physical and mental functioning, medication use, and health provider visits.
The responses among the 4 treatment groups during the study were nearly identical.
The bottom line?

A website called Fibromyalgia Symptoms advances reiki as a “holistic treatment that plays an effective role in fibromyalgia treatment and in helping to alleviate many fibromyalgia symptoms.” And the researchers tell us that 55% of patients with fibromyalgia have used energy medicine such as reiki, therapeutic touch, qigong, and magnet therapy.

I searched back to 2005 and this is the only placebo-controlled study of reiki in fibromyalgia.

Considering the few options available and its safety, people with fibromyalgia who experience relief from touch therapy should be encouraged as long as they don’t forgo accompanying treatments.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Others Says About Dr Nik Omar

Dr Nik at Geneva, Swiss 2008

Apa Orang Kata Tentang Dr Nik Omar

One of the leading Acupuncturist &
Alternative Health Practitioner in Malaysia

From: Courtesy From Wing of Gold , Malaysian Airline Magazine, January 1996
By Alison Nadel, A British Journalist

The waiting room of Dr Nik Omar's clinic in busy. A schoolboy whose asthma cleared up within a day of taking homeopathic remedy has come back for some medicine to treat a cold. A young woman is waiting for a pregnancy check up and to start a course of medicine for any esy delivery. A man whose severe migraine vanished after being treated by Dr Nik six months ago, has dropped in to pick up a repeat prescription.

For them, teher is no question that alternative medicine works. Like many of Dr Nik's patients, they show little concern about how or why it is effective. Only a few of the people in his waiting room say that they have come because homeopathy and acupuncture uses natural substances. More stress the facts that it is cheap.

One elderly man, partially paralysed and walking with a stick, says that since his last heart attack, there is nothing more that his doctor can do for him, homeopathy and acupuncture is his last hope.

Dr Nik Omar does not fit the stereotype of the dedicated healer quietly pioneering his art. He is too bulish. Both his colleagues and his rivals acknowledge his tremendous energy. All recognise that he, more than anyone, in responsible for raising the medicine's profile in Malaysia.

Dr Nik has written hundreds of articles about ghis works in various newpapers and magazine locally and abroad. He is an active member of the international homeopathic and acupuncture community.

Dr Nik has trainning in both conventional and homeopathic alternative medicine. He did his first degree in Pakistan from 1970 till 1975 and persue toLondon School of Chiropody in 1975 till 1977 and came back to Malaysia and started a homeopathic clinic right in the heart of his home town of Kota Bharu.[ See his bio-data]

Currently he is conducting a study of infertility which has brought one of the most celeberated successes in his carieer as alternative health practitioner. He has successfully treated more than 3,000 couples of infertility and within 3 to 4 months of treatment the women's pregnancy was confirmed.

In 2002 he again started perhaps one of the biggest homeopathic and acupuncture centre in Malaysia at Pasir Mas, Kelantan with the cost of RM $ 4millions.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Acupuncture Helping Inmates Beat Addictions

Treatment centerpiece of program
The Baltimore Sun
Updated: 04/02/2009 01:44:45 AM PDT

BALTIMORE — Beyond the iron gate, the fence and the razor wire, 10 inmates in maroon uniforms sit in stillness, listening to the serene sounds of sitar music. Eyes closed, hands folded, they await the tiny pricks of acupuncture needles inserted delicately into their ears.
Ancient Chinese medicine came to Baltimore's jail 16 years ago with the promise of curbing the cravings of drug addiction. Since then, acupuncture has been the centerpiece of a treatment program that serves nearly 700 inmates each year.

Modern science has not found solid evidence that it works. Nonetheless, the inmates claim that with acupuncture, all they crave are the meditative moments it brings. They say it soothes them and helps clear their cluttered minds to find the strength to confront their addiction.

"I've done buprenorphine and methadone, but neither one of them could compare to those needles," says Derrick Brooks, 42, who has battled heroin addiction his entire adult life. "Those needles put you in touch with stuff that's within you that no pill or nothing else could do."

District Judge Jamey H. Hueston thinks every addict should try it.

"I am a huge fan of acupuncture," says Hueston, who presides over the city's drug court. "I have sent people in there kicking and screaming, resentful and scowling at me. And later they say, 'Judge, thank you.'"

Acupuncture is the key element of the Addicts Changing Together Substance Abuse Program administered by the drug court.
Beginning for women in 1993 and for men three years later, the program steers nonviolent offenders to a rigorous 45-day behind-bars regimen in lieu of a longer prison term.

In addition to 25 acupuncture sessions, inmates receive group and individual counseling, GED training and life-skills classes. Recently, the program added a family mediation option for addicts who long ago burned family bridges but want to mend them.

Participants reside in a separate dorm at the Baltimore City Detention Center, away from the general population, and are encouraged to rely on one another for support.

The theory behind the acupuncture treatment is that it releases naturally occurring chemicals in the body that ease the symptoms of drug withdrawal and help users fight their addiction.

An acupuncturist places superfine stainless-steel needles in five points in the outer ear, each one designed to evoke a particular feeling, from calming the spirit to acceptance to reminding a person of his willpower. The recipient then sits quietly for 30 to 40 minutes. Lights are dimmed, and soft music plays to promote meditation.

Eastern medicine experts say what is at work is not just New Age wishful thinking.

The treatment causes the body to release feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which go to the same receptors in the brain that are turned on when someone takes drugs, says Dr. Lixing Lao, director of the traditional Chinese medicine program at the University of Maryland's Center for Integrative Medicine.

The technique works to treat pain in the same way, says Lao, who works closely with Maryland Shock Trauma Center, treating patients who have been critically injured.

"The concept is very obvious," he says. "If acupuncture works for pain, it should work for heroin addiction."

In the 1970s, doctors in a New York hospital began trying the ancient technique to treat heroin addiction. Since then, acupuncture centers have popped up around the world.

At a cost of $40,000 a year for all 688 inmates, the acupuncture portion of the city jail program is cheap by most treatment standards. But its supporters stress that it must be used with counseling and other services to be effective.

The state Division of Correction does not track inmates after they complete the program and does not keep data on whether addicts stay clean. But Mohammad Riaz Ahmad, the program's director, points to studies that suggest acupuncture's effectiveness. A Yale University study found that 55 percent of participants tested free of cocaine during the last week of acupuncture treatment, compared with 24 percent and 9 percent in two groups that did not have acupuncture. But a follow-up study contradicted the earlier findings, and researchers said the topic needed more research.

A 2001 study of an acupuncture program at Baltimore's Penn North Neighborhood Center found that nearly one-third of patients stayed in the program for at least 30 sessions, or about three months, and that their rate of being arrested and charged decreased.

"We are not saying it's curing addiction — there is no cure for addiction," says Dave Wurzel, a certified acupuncturist whose firm does the jail's treatments. "Just like there is no cure for heart disease or diabetes. All we are doing in addiction treatment is lowering the risk factor that this person will die today of his or her addiction."

Officials with the jail program say the big problem comes when it's time for participants to be released.

About 80 percent of inmates who complete the program need the structured support of a residential treatment facility for as long as a year afterward, officials say. But demand for such treatment is so great that the facilities don't bother to keep a waiting list, says Gregory C. Warren, who heads Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems, the quasi-governmental agency that oversees drug treatment in the city.

Graduates of the acupuncture program often are referred to outpatient programs instead of residential centers. If those slots are full, the inmates sometimes must be held in the general prison population for up to several weeks until a treatment space opens up.

"If it's one day, it's bad," says Danny McCoy, the detention center's assistant warden. "Back inside the institution, they are encountering all the things and people that would defeat the purpose of all they have learned in the treatment process."

The lure of the street is even worse, says Brooks, who took part in the jail's acupuncture program a decade ago. He stayed clean for six years.

He started selling drugs at age 12, the same year his mother moved in with her boyfriend and left him to largely fend for himself. At 17, he snorted heroin for the first time.

But after his first stint in the acupuncture program, he felt transformed. He fell in love, got married and had a baby boy. Brooks worked two jobs, and the family lived in a house they rented but hoped to buy.

Eventually, though, he started hanging out with old friends in the drug game and stopped going to church and to Narcotics Anonymous meetings. One day, he tried a "tester" of heroin being hawked on a corner. Just one hit, he thought. By the time he was arrested last year, he was doing $200 a day worth of dope.

"I gave back six years in three seconds," he says, wiping away tears. "Why? Please don't ask me that. That's why I'm here now, trying to figure out why."

Brooks graduates this week, complete with a cap, gown and celebration. But he doesn't want any accolades. He knows his biggest accomplishment lies ahead.

"When I get back in society, that's when the real test comes," he says. "This is nothing compared to what I got to do."

Ketagihan Dadah Boleh di rawat dengan Akupunktur
Pengalaman Prof Dr Nik Omar selama 30 tahun melihat banyak perkembangan untuk membuang tabiat ketagihan dadah dikalangan para adit pill kuda, heroine dan morpin. Ujian-ujian serta kajian beliau telah membantu ramai para penagih keluar dari keponpong penagihan dengan kaedah ini.

Ingin mecuba kaedah Detox Dadah Secara Akupunktur, sila jumpa Prof Nik Segera

Student Learning Acupuncture On Horses at Our College in Kelantan

Get Rid of All Your Problems With Acupuncture

Depression, Tension, Anxiety, Sex Disorders, Sleeplessness, Epilepsy, Mental Retardation etc. Migraine, Headache, Sciatica, Joint's Pain, Peptic Ulcer - Cervical Sponylosis, Angina ( Heart Pain) Painful Menstruation - Backache, Polio- Paralyis, Asthma, Allergy etc.

Stroke, Paralysis, Bell Palsy ( Heruk Muka / Lumpoh Muka), facial Neuralgia, Sinusitis, Falling of Hair ( Baldness), Impotence, Prostate, Dribbling Urination. Vertigo, Dizziness, Tinnitus, Bed Wetting Among Children and Adults, etc

Addiction: Smoking, Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Blood Pressure (High - Low)

You may try Acupuncture Treatment.

Acupuncture For Infertility

Acupuncture Points selected

If you failed to get baby after 1 or 2 years of your marriage. It is the right time for you to try and conceive a baby through our method of Treating Infertility. See more detail in next column.

Millions of American Have Tried Acupuncture, Why Not You !

Finding an acupuncturist can prove difficult

 Acupuncture first came to the attention of mainstream America in 1971, after New York Times reporter James Reston wrote enthusiastically about how it helped with his pain following an emergency appendectomy while traveling with President Richard Nixon in China.

 Today, millions of Americans have tried acupuncture, but locating and selecting a practitioner can be difficult. There are several types of acupuncture based on different philosophies, and the language (eight principles, five elements, the need to balance yin and yang) can be confusing.

In Malaysia, we can find a Chinese Acupuncturist, A Malay Acupuncturist or an Indian Acupuncturist.

Among the Mulim Acupuncturist,( This technique were introduce by Prof Nik Omar in his practised of Acupuncture at his clinic n at Kuala Lumpur) , they practised Acupuncture along with Islamic Medicine. This is a unique way, where by the patients, while undergone Acupuncture Therapy, are advised to read verses of Quran or Zikirullah. The physician while inserting Acupuncture needle, can feel the real healing, to be able to send rays of power or energy or qi through your hands to the body of patients to heal faster.

You may get more info at

University Offer Islamic Medical Courses In Near Futrure

University to offer Islamic Medical Course

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Health will soon introduce a two-and-a-half year diploma course in Islamic Medical Practice at a local university here.

The director of the ministry's Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Division, Dr Ramli Abd Ghani, told Bernama the course content was developed with the assistance of prominent local practitioners like Dr Harun Din, Datuk Amran Kasimin, Dr Hatta Sharom and other T&CM practitioners.

The aim was to train Malay healers in the true teachings of Islam and to avoid "syrik and khurafat" (polytheism) practices in some Malay-Muslim communities, he said.

Dr Ramli said the graduates, who would be certified registered practitioners, would be self-employed to treat "santau" (a kind of deadly poison coupled with magical incantations) and other spiritual problems.

They might also be employed in selected government institutions in the future, he added.

Dr Ramli said the division was also working on introducing degree courses in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, Malay medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and Chiropractic care.

It would also introduce diploma courses in acupuncture, naturopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology and Malay massage, he added.

Dr Ramli said these courses could be offered at the International Medical University, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Inti College, Cyberjaya University College and Community College.

Most of these courses would be conducted by local lecturers and some, like Chinese traditional medicine, acupuncture and Ayurveda, might need the assistance of foreign academicians, he said.

Dr Ramli said the division was also working with the Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA) operators to establish local training institutions so as to develop the local spa industry for health tourism.

He gave the assurance that all these courses, which were part of the T&CM, would be properly evaluated with the cooperation of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and it would be ensured that the practitioners provided safe and effective services.

He said the T&CM was gaining worldwide recognition, and that Malaysia would also develop this sector as it was popular among Malaysians because almost 14,000 patients had opted for the T&CM since its introduction in three government hospitals, in Putrajaya, Kepala Batas and Johore Baru, about 18 months ago.

Dr Ramli said the division was set to expand the service to three other government hospitals one each in Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak by August this year.

He said that by 2010, the T&CM service would be available in 10 government hospitals and two clinics in the country. - Bernama

Book On Chinese Medicine , Acupuncture & Moxibustion Written By A Malay

Clinical Acupuncture & Moxibustion
The Classical Chinese Medicine
A Text Book On Acupuncture
Prof Dr Nik Omar &
Nik Fairuz Hakim

How to treat 180 Diseases With Selected Acupuncture Points.

Written by famous Malaysian physicians, Prof Dr Nik Omar these acupuncture verses recorded the experience of how to choose the most effective acupuncture points for the treatment of more than 180 diseases. These verses extracted the most valuable experience in practicing Chinese medicine. Clinicians in China and almost all Acupuncturist throughout the world are still use these Acu Points as important references to help them solve difficult medical problems.

It is considered as the first Malay Acupuncturist in Malaysia who had ever write a book on Chinese Medicine. It is one of the unique book on Acupuncture. It does not say What Acupuncture is, rather its aim is to be a guide, philosophers and friend for students , professors, doctors and reader at every age of TCM.

This book is a main Text Book for all student who study Acupuncture with Prof Dr Nik Omar at Malaysia. It will be given free to all students. Its cotain 340 pages and the cost of the book is US$ 20.00 with postage.
It can be ordered through E mail:

How to Find G Spot

It is about 1 inch Diameter Inside Vagina

How to Find G Spot

Finding The G Spot

The g spot has been female sexual anatomy's cause celeb for the past several years, and interest in finding the g spot is showing no signs of slowing down.

The G Spot is a small area, (about 1 inch diameter) inside the vagina, up about an inch and half to two inches. The G spot is a sensitive area that can be felt through the front wall of the vagina between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix. The G Spot is the area thought the anterior wall of the vagina which is located behind the public bone. The G spot is an area within the vagina that has great sensitivity. The g spot is actually quite easy to find if you know what you're looking for. There is no doubt that the G spot is present in most if not all females. Well without giving you an in-depth general anatomy lesson, the G Spot is a swollen/rough area that is near the presence wall of the vagina. It is assumed that the G spot is either a bundle of nerves coming from the clitoris or a gland or series of glands that produces lubrication. The G spot is actually the urethral sponge. Although not a new idea, the presumption about the existence of the G spot is still controversial, some women discovered it, others not. My advice would be to first get clear on where your partners g spot is. The G spot is one of the high spots of many a love-making experience. The G spot is an area inside the vagina that's especially sensitive to stimulation.

Finding The G Spot

Some women find G spot exploration to be easy, while others find it a little more challenging. However, just as some women receive more pleasure from stimulation of their breasts than others, some find G spot stimulation more pleasurable than others. In order to find G spot, woman has to study her body.

All men today are looking for the way to provide their partner with the utmost sexual pleasure when they make love to them. So it is important to truly give your partner what they crave it is vital that you learn how to find G Spot in them. By doing, this you will actually provide them with a more complete sexual experience that they would never thought imaginable.

In this article, we provide a brief explanation of what the G Spot is and where it is located in a woman. Plus we provide a number of tips, which should hopefully help you when it comes to finding your partners. Yet it is important to remember that because of its size and location it may take a little time before you can actually find it. But once found and you begin to stimulate it, the amount of sexual pleasure the woman of your life feels will be greatly increased.

As for the G Spot itself, this is only a very small part of a woman's vagina and is very sensitive because it is made from nerve tissue. The actual G Spot itself when touched is shaped very much like a small bean and is to be found about 1.5 to 3 inches within the woman's vagina. When you look, at a woman's body this is around about halfway between the back of the pubic bone and where the top of her cervix is. But each woman's G Spot can not only be a different size from one and other's but also where it is located, is different as well.

The tips that we provide below should help you when it comes to not only finding but also the right way to stimulate the G Spot. By learning, the right position and how to stimulate this part of your partner's body should then provide you with a completely new and orgasmic experience when making love. But when trying to find it is important that you take your time and remember because of its size and shape it may take you some time before you actually locate it.

When it comes to you actually spending time with your partner and finding their G Spot it is important that you both feel relaxed and comfortable. Certainly the more relaxed your partner is then in many cases you may find that you are able to locate their G Spot far more quickly. Now let us go through what you should be doing in order to her G Spot and which once found and stimulated will have her coming back to you asking for more.

Remember your partner needs to be relaxed and a great way of doing this by getting her take a long warm bath. Then why not wrap her in a towel before carrying her through to the bedroom and laying her on the bed. Once on the bed very gently raise her knees up so that they are about a hip distance apart, keeping her feet flat on the bed. If you want to provide her with additional support and comfort then place a pillow under her bottom.

Once your partner is placed in this position you should very gently insert 2 fingers into her vagina. About 1.5 to 3 inches inside is more than enough and this is often where the G Spot is to be found.

After inserting your fingers, you now need to start applying a small amount of pressure on to the area where you can feel an area of her vagina that is shaped like a bean. You need to apply very light pressure simply because the G Spot is actually deep inside a woman's vaginal wall and is surrounded by body tissue. In many cases as soon as your fingers touch the right spot you will feel this area of the vagina begin to swell, plus it will have a somewhat spongy feel to it compared to the rest of the area around it.

Once you have felt this part of the vagina begin to change shape and swell you need to now start sliding your fingers over it from side to side. Doing this will actually further increase the amount of sexual pleasure your partner is already currently feeling. When you are attempting for the first time on how to find G Spot in your woman's vagina it is important that you ask them if you have actually achieved this. But in most cases, you can tell from a look on their face that you have found what you were looking for.

To Enjoy The G Spot, try homeopathic medication Bio Homeo Special call 019-9401915