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How to Find G Spot

It is about 1 inch Diameter Inside Vagina

How to Find G Spot

Finding The G Spot

The g spot has been female sexual anatomy's cause celeb for the past several years, and interest in finding the g spot is showing no signs of slowing down.

The G Spot is a small area, (about 1 inch diameter) inside the vagina, up about an inch and half to two inches. The G spot is a sensitive area that can be felt through the front wall of the vagina between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix. The G Spot is the area thought the anterior wall of the vagina which is located behind the public bone. The G spot is an area within the vagina that has great sensitivity. The g spot is actually quite easy to find if you know what you're looking for. There is no doubt that the G spot is present in most if not all females. Well without giving you an in-depth general anatomy lesson, the G Spot is a swollen/rough area that is near the presence wall of the vagina. It is assumed that the G spot is either a bundle of nerves coming from the clitoris or a gland or series of glands that produces lubrication. The G spot is actually the urethral sponge. Although not a new idea, the presumption about the existence of the G spot is still controversial, some women discovered it, others not. My advice would be to first get clear on where your partners g spot is. The G spot is one of the high spots of many a love-making experience. The G spot is an area inside the vagina that's especially sensitive to stimulation.

Finding The G Spot

Some women find G spot exploration to be easy, while others find it a little more challenging. However, just as some women receive more pleasure from stimulation of their breasts than others, some find G spot stimulation more pleasurable than others. In order to find G spot, woman has to study her body.

All men today are looking for the way to provide their partner with the utmost sexual pleasure when they make love to them. So it is important to truly give your partner what they crave it is vital that you learn how to find G Spot in them. By doing, this you will actually provide them with a more complete sexual experience that they would never thought imaginable.

In this article, we provide a brief explanation of what the G Spot is and where it is located in a woman. Plus we provide a number of tips, which should hopefully help you when it comes to finding your partners. Yet it is important to remember that because of its size and location it may take a little time before you can actually find it. But once found and you begin to stimulate it, the amount of sexual pleasure the woman of your life feels will be greatly increased.

As for the G Spot itself, this is only a very small part of a woman's vagina and is very sensitive because it is made from nerve tissue. The actual G Spot itself when touched is shaped very much like a small bean and is to be found about 1.5 to 3 inches within the woman's vagina. When you look, at a woman's body this is around about halfway between the back of the pubic bone and where the top of her cervix is. But each woman's G Spot can not only be a different size from one and other's but also where it is located, is different as well.

The tips that we provide below should help you when it comes to not only finding but also the right way to stimulate the G Spot. By learning, the right position and how to stimulate this part of your partner's body should then provide you with a completely new and orgasmic experience when making love. But when trying to find it is important that you take your time and remember because of its size and shape it may take you some time before you actually locate it.

When it comes to you actually spending time with your partner and finding their G Spot it is important that you both feel relaxed and comfortable. Certainly the more relaxed your partner is then in many cases you may find that you are able to locate their G Spot far more quickly. Now let us go through what you should be doing in order to her G Spot and which once found and stimulated will have her coming back to you asking for more.

Remember your partner needs to be relaxed and a great way of doing this by getting her take a long warm bath. Then why not wrap her in a towel before carrying her through to the bedroom and laying her on the bed. Once on the bed very gently raise her knees up so that they are about a hip distance apart, keeping her feet flat on the bed. If you want to provide her with additional support and comfort then place a pillow under her bottom.

Once your partner is placed in this position you should very gently insert 2 fingers into her vagina. About 1.5 to 3 inches inside is more than enough and this is often where the G Spot is to be found.

After inserting your fingers, you now need to start applying a small amount of pressure on to the area where you can feel an area of her vagina that is shaped like a bean. You need to apply very light pressure simply because the G Spot is actually deep inside a woman's vaginal wall and is surrounded by body tissue. In many cases as soon as your fingers touch the right spot you will feel this area of the vagina begin to swell, plus it will have a somewhat spongy feel to it compared to the rest of the area around it.

Once you have felt this part of the vagina begin to change shape and swell you need to now start sliding your fingers over it from side to side. Doing this will actually further increase the amount of sexual pleasure your partner is already currently feeling. When you are attempting for the first time on how to find G Spot in your woman's vagina it is important that you ask them if you have actually achieved this. But in most cases, you can tell from a look on their face that you have found what you were looking for.

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That's a good article but mind you the g-spot is supposed to be, or be part of, the Skene's gland and can cause female ejaculation sometimes. If you go here and check the video you'll see some good stuff on this: how to find the g-spot, but the funny thing is that there's still actual debate amongst some gynecologists as to whether the g-spot even exists, which I think is just ridiculous and makes them look stupid.