Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Others Says About Dr Nik Omar

Dr Nik at Geneva, Swiss 2008

Apa Orang Kata Tentang Dr Nik Omar

One of the leading Acupuncturist &
Alternative Health Practitioner in Malaysia

From: Courtesy From Wing of Gold , Malaysian Airline Magazine, January 1996
By Alison Nadel, A British Journalist

The waiting room of Dr Nik Omar's clinic in busy. A schoolboy whose asthma cleared up within a day of taking homeopathic remedy has come back for some medicine to treat a cold. A young woman is waiting for a pregnancy check up and to start a course of medicine for any esy delivery. A man whose severe migraine vanished after being treated by Dr Nik six months ago, has dropped in to pick up a repeat prescription.

For them, teher is no question that alternative medicine works. Like many of Dr Nik's patients, they show little concern about how or why it is effective. Only a few of the people in his waiting room say that they have come because homeopathy and acupuncture uses natural substances. More stress the facts that it is cheap.

One elderly man, partially paralysed and walking with a stick, says that since his last heart attack, there is nothing more that his doctor can do for him, homeopathy and acupuncture is his last hope.

Dr Nik Omar does not fit the stereotype of the dedicated healer quietly pioneering his art. He is too bulish. Both his colleagues and his rivals acknowledge his tremendous energy. All recognise that he, more than anyone, in responsible for raising the medicine's profile in Malaysia.

Dr Nik has written hundreds of articles about ghis works in various newpapers and magazine locally and abroad. He is an active member of the international homeopathic and acupuncture community.

Dr Nik has trainning in both conventional and homeopathic alternative medicine. He did his first degree in Pakistan from 1970 till 1975 and persue toLondon School of Chiropody in 1975 till 1977 and came back to Malaysia and started a homeopathic clinic right in the heart of his home town of Kota Bharu.[ See his bio-data]

Currently he is conducting a study of infertility which has brought one of the most celeberated successes in his carieer as alternative health practitioner. He has successfully treated more than 3,000 couples of infertility and within 3 to 4 months of treatment the women's pregnancy was confirmed.

In 2002 he again started perhaps one of the biggest homeopathic and acupuncture centre in Malaysia at Pasir Mas, Kelantan with the cost of RM $ 4millions.

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