Saturday, February 7, 2009

Floatters in Eyes & Acupuncture Treatment

Question From a Patient:

I am suffering from eye floatters in my both eye from last 7 months and my age is only 27 yrs old. When i eye any thing 2-3 black spots and cloud like formation comes in the view which irritates me a lot. It moves as my eye ball moves. Here in Lucknow Doctor says that my eye is healthy after taking tests and was told me that there is no cure of floatters, the only thing is you have to bear it. Now i am observing the floatter size is increasing gradually.
Is it possible to remove these floatters?

Answer: Since there no treatment in western medicine, why not try acupuncture externally and homeopathic medication orally. You have a better chance to recover.

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G.Bharathy said...

floatters in eyes can be treated by acupuncture . acu masage can be done in and around eyes muscles for 5 minutes everyday which will tonity eyes.

Dr.G.Bharathhy Acupunturist