Saturday, November 24, 2007

Utrine Fibroid Cured

Case Record:

On 23 Des 97, a patient Mrs HabbtH Age: 30 yrs. Record No: 6467, brought a report from a private hospital with

Dignosis: Uterine Fibroid Date: 21 Des 1997

According to report : Solid mass seen dia 21 mm
Co liver abdominal pain.

After consultation and proper case taking, we have given her 5 Acupuncture Points for fibroid along the ren channel and stomach channel. We also prescribe her 2 weeks of homeopathic medication. On first week we gave 'Conium 200c alternately with Calc Flour12x bid and on second week we gave her 'Sepia alternately with calc flour12'

After 2 weeks she came back and repeated the same procedure.
After two months of treatment, her fibroid has gone.

Bahasa Melayu: Semua jenis ketumbuhan sama ada fibroid atau multiple ovarian cyst dapat disembuhkan tanpa pembedahan, jika diperingkat awal rawatan. Kami pernah merawat fibroid sebesar 8 bulan kandungan dengan memakan ubat homeopati dan juga menggunakan rawatan akupunktur selama 16 bulan hingga sembuh.

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