Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Trust of Acupuncture

The Truth About Acupuncture is peaceful, not painful

Truth about Acupuncture
“Almost everyone remembers getting shots as a child — the dreaded doctor visits that were never quite exonerated by that lollypop at the end. They were painful, they bled, they made you want to cry.
It’s understandable why many people harbor a fear of needles, and it’s even more understandable why many people are iffy when it comes to medical practices like acupuncture.
The good news is that acupuncture isn’t only about skin pricks, and the even better news is that acupuncture needles are neither thick nor hypodermic; they are considerably thinner than a sewing needle, thinner than tattoo needles, so thin in fact that you can spring them back and forth as you would a cat whisker.”
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