Monday, November 12, 2007

Bell Palsy & Acupuncture

This are few acupuncture points which are very good for Bell Palsy.

Hanya Beberapa titik akupunktur diletakkan dibahagian muka untuk merawat kes Bell Palsy atau Lumpuh Muka.

Case record: Name of Patient: Che Halimah CKBY No: 5122

On 30 June 2007 the patient came our our clinic at Kg Baru, Kuala Lumpur , complaint of 'bell Palsy' left sided , suffered for 3 months. Have been to three GP but no improvement. On the first visit on 30th June, I gave her 7 'ashi ac pts' on the face. I also prescribe homeopathic 'Rhus Tox and causticum 200' alternately for one week.

On 2nd Visit 07 July 2007 - I repeat the same procedure. 50 %

On 3rd Visit: 14 July 2007 - I repeat the same procedure but added four more Ac Pts on Lung and Li channel. After one week she called me and tell me that her bell palsy is completely 100 % cured and she is now very healthy and normal.

Note: Bell Palsy can be cured but be prompt, once you get the attack please bring the patient immediately to us.

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