Saturday, November 24, 2007

Slip Disc

Patient: Miss NSAbtS , A young Malay girl. Age: 15 yrs.
Came to our clinic on 5 August 2000 with

Diagnosis: Dlip Disc Unable to walk and unable to move for the last 8 months.
5 August 2000

On the first visit we have given acupuncture treatment and homeopathic medication for two weeks.

19 August 2000, she came back - not much improvement. Continue the same therapy and medication for two weeks.

16 sept - repeat the same

4 Nov she feel better and improve about 25%

16 Dec - Repeat the same procedure.

25 feb 2001 - she came back with 50 % improvement and she now can walk up the stairs in her house.

From 10 Mar 2001 till 30 May 2003 she visited us 21 time, and we repeated the same procedure but exchange some of the Ac Pts and also homeopathic medication given according to symptomatology.

On 3 August 2003 she came back with 90 % cured, she can walk normaly and she can walk up stair without any problems.

The only she complaint of another 10% pain on and off here and there.

Over all she is alright and are very happy.
If you say that homeopathy and acupuncture treatment is slow, you are wrong. Homeopathy and acupuncture work well and complete the cure if there is similimum in the case.

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