Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gastric Problems

Gastritis Chronic

Gastritis is a nonspecific chronic inflammation of the gastric mucous membrane. Its causes minght be related to bacterial, viral infection, malnutrition, irregular intake of food, consume too much of spicy food, smoke, drugs, wine, over eating, eating contaminated food or might be mental problems.
In TCM , this disease is termed as ‘Wei Wan Tong or Wei Zhang’.

Case Record: Mr Ali, male 35 yo.
History: For over a year, he complaint of fullness and pain in epigastrium, which become severe when he was angry or right after meals. The pain buring like, sour resurgitation, indigestion, poor appetite, and general weakness.

Treatment: B21, Cv12 Zhongwan, S21 Liangmen and St 36 were punctured with moderate stimulation. The needle were retained for 20 minutes. The therapy daily for 10 times the patient become much better and improved.