Saturday, November 24, 2007

Impotence Cured

No Erection , Weakness of Erection, Impotence [Mati Pucuk]

case Record: Name: Mr MbinH, A malay gentleman Age 32 yrs. Record No: 5485

On 20 may 2006 this gentleman came to our clinic with stress and tension due to his libido [penis] unable to perform as any other man, his erection is feeble, he is just married but unfortunately he cannot perform his duty as a good husband. No erection and some medical practitioner says that it is 'impotence'

He came to consult Prof Dr Nik Omar and after careful case taking, Dr Nik has given 'Acid Phos altenately with Damiana' for onw eeks plus ' 7 Acupuncture Points for Strong Sexual for men'

On 27 May 2006 the patient came back and said his penis now is normal with strong erection. MasaAllah it is only one therapy, this gentleman is alright.

If you have the same problem, dont wait till tomorrow what you can do today.

It is better do the treatment now, rather than too late !!


Anonymous said...

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Edward said...

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