Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Enuresis / Bed Wetting

Enuresis / Kencing Malam

Enuresis is the involuntary discharge of urine during sleep. It is commonly seen in children, but is only considered as an abnormal condition when the child is over three years old and the involuntary urination continue.
Don’t be surprised if not treated, enuresis can be prolong till adult life. Some says it may be due to psychological or mental disorder, some say due to worms and homeopath says it due to the weakness of vital force in the body.

According to TCM , its causes are thought to be related to the lungs, spleen, kidney and bladder.

Clinical Manifestation

The chief feature of this disorder is the involuntary discharge of urine during sleep at night. In minor cases, it may happen once fortnightly, but in severe cases, it may occur many times one night. In chronic cases, this condition may last for over ten years and it is also seen in adult.

Acupuncture treatment is considered as the best for enuresis.
Main points CV4 Duiduan, SP6 Sanjinjiao, H7 Shenmen, Lu7 Liegue

Case Report:
The patient Miss K Female Age 20 yrs.

History: She had bedwetting since she was born. It was once or twice on average and was more during rainy season. She look very weak with pale face. In the day time she use to urinate about 10 times. At night she pass urine unconsciously one or twice during sleeping.
Treatment given: Acupouncture Points at B 32 Cilao, CV 4 Guanyuan and Sp 6 Sanjinjiao , once daily for three time.
After three therapy enuresis stopped and we insist to continue for another three more additional therap and she was completely normal.

Bahasa Melayu: Anak-Anak kencing malam amat sukar diarawat oleh mana-mana ubat, namun rawatan akupunktur amat berekasn untuk merawat kes kenacing malam atau’kencing tikar’ dikalangan kanak-kanak dan juga remaja. Lekas-lekas cari kami, kita usaha menyembuhkannya. Amin.

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