Friday, November 23, 2007

Fatty Liver Cured

From Case Record.

Name: Mr MH Qs, 54 yrs. From New Zealand Record No: 3985
Patient First Visit us on 6 Dec 2003

Complaint of Hepatitis B, with fatty Liver
Alt Level - 103

Blotted stomach, constipation, sometime headache, pian in stomch, some doctor say liver cirrhosis, also having sinusitis. Pateint was critically ill and the doctor in New Zeland says there is nothing that they can do.

Patient started searching internet and found our site and come direct to Kuala Lumpur to see us.

On the fisr visit 6 Dec., 2003 I have given very good 'acupuncture treatment to treat liver and given all necessary ac pts on 'Liver Channel' for 45 minutes and orally I gave homeopathic medicication for 4 months to be taken to New Zealand.

After four months the patient came back to Malaysia with very much improvement.

9 May 2004 we have repeated the same procedure and given 3 montsh of medication.
The Alt level has goner down to 80.
20 Nov 2004 pateint came back to Kuala Lumpur for another 4 months of medication. Now he is very much improved.

23 April 2005 patient came back to malaysia. With ALT result 55 and the patient feel completely normal and the doctor on NZ suprised to hear that 'homeopathy and acupuncture' can treat such disease. He continue to take 4 months of medication

25 Dec. 2005 - His hepatitis in completely cured. Suprise to hear such news. Alt gone down to 40
He was completely normal.
No medication for almost 2 years.

Bahasa Melayu: Jika pesakit dari seluroh dunia datang menemui pakar TCM Malaysia, Prof Dr Nik Omar dan mereka mendapat menafaat hasil dari kepakaran beliau. Kenapa anak-anak watan tidak mengambil kesempatan untuk datang mendapatkan khidmat nasihat dari beliau dalam kes-kes yang sukar disembuhkan. Beliau bukan Tuhan yang dapat menyembuhkan semua penyakit, tetapi kepakaran dan pengalaman beliau sudah cukup untuk membantu masyarakat dalam merawat kes-kes kronik.
'Sentuhan beliau Adalah Sentuhan Ajaib'

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