Friday, August 15, 2008

Sports Injuries & Acupuncture Treatment

Common types of Musculo-skeletal Sports Injuries

Which Responding With Acupuncture Treatment.

Muscle: Contusion ( crushing of the muscles), cramps, strains, myositis ( Infalammation of muscles )
Tendon: Tendinitis ( Infammation of the tensdon)

Ligament: Ruptures, tears and sprains e.g ankle sprains responded very good with acupuncture

Joints: Swelling sprains,

Bones: Fractures very good respond with homeopathic medication

Spines / back: WHO recommended slipped disc, ruptiute legiment or fracture are very good with homeopathic medication orally and acupuncture treatment externally.
Photo: Cupping is another method to remove the swelling from sports injurise.
Bahasa Melayu: Rawatan akupunktur adalah handal dalam merawat kes-kes kemalangan dalm suka atau sebarang kemalangan yang melibatkan bengkak pada tulang, terseliuh, slip disc, sakit belakang, sakit belikat, bengak luntut, dsb.

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