Friday, August 15, 2008

Eye Disease And Acupuncture Treatment

The normal eye should be able to see images sharply at most distances. This is possible as the refracting system of the normal eye ( the cornea and the lens) focuses light rays on the retina. When any abnormalities happen, than the eye may not be able to mainting a sharp image on the retina.

If some of the treatment that you have undergone has failed than why not try acupuncture ?

Some of these eye problems may be corrected by acupuncture treatment such as myopia, conjunctivitis, astigmatims, presbyopia, iritis, acute glaucoma, cataract,, floater & flashes , retina detachment, diabetic retinopathy, duoble vision, watering eye ( epiphora) and night blindness.

Homeopathhic Remedies suggested for eye problems are: Euphrasia, eye bright, aconite, apis mell., hydratis, conium mac.

Bahasa Melayu: Masalah penyakit pada mata boleh dirawat secara akupunktur dan homeopati, jika perubatan biasa gagal merawat kes-kes mata yang dialami oleh anda, ibu atau bapa anda, kami bersedia untuk merawat kes-kes tersebut melalui rawatan akupunktur dan homeopati

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toby magmire said...

There are many problems which can be happened in eye and it has different levels, so people need to take treatment in some advanced level otherwise it can create huge eye problem.

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