Saturday, August 23, 2008

Muscular Atrophy

Acupuncture Centre Bangi 23 Ogos 2008

Muscular Atrophy
Pengecutan otot-otot

It is one of deadly disease. Now becoming moer and more alarming in Malaysia society. The symptom are typical, the shrinking of muscles. It has hypertrophy in some parts and atrophy in others. The make up of the patient should be kept in view, a tall, hollow chested individual with tubercular or syphilitic diathesis. Some time burnign, numbness and weakness of muscles are the ranking symptoms.

Sensitive of spine, some time great pain in spine which worse at night, weakness extremeties, cannot walk, rigidity of calves also debility, walks and stands unsteady. Sometime complete loss of sensation, shortening of muscles.

No medicine in ordinary school, perhaps the doctors minght say ' wait and see'
Please keep in touch with Acupuncture treatment immedately you are diagnose with 'Muscular Atrophy' and take homeopathic medication orally.

Homeopathic medicine suggested: Plumbum 200 or 1000 potency head the remedy for muscular atrophy, next to be follow up by Arg Nit., Barta Carb, Phos., Mur Ac., Kali Phos, Arnica, Cup Met.

It will help in most cases.

Bahasa Melayu: Pengecutan otot-otot sangat ditakuti, ia boleh menyerang sesiapa sahaja , tidak kira lelaki atau perempuan, kanak-kanak atau dewasa. Perubatan biasa, katanya 'tidak ada ubat' dan 'tunggu'. Apakah anda harus tunggu kematian tanpa berubat. Musculat Atrophy boleh dirawat secara homeopati dan akupunktur.

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