Friday, August 15, 2008

Tingling, Pins, Needles and Numbness In Hands

The commonest cause of pins and needles and tingling in the hands is the carpal tunnel sydrome. The outstanding feature of this condition is that the numbness and tingling are worst at night either waking the patient during the night or else being very bad when the patient first get out of bed in the morning: " I have to hold my hand under hot water for 5 to 10 minutes before I can use them ," say a patient.

Although tingling or pins or needles or numbness are the usualy terms employed to describe the symptom, some people with the carpal tunnel syndrome have only pain, and others simply describe it as the fingers feeling as if they are swollen or stiff.

Causes of tingling or pins and needle in one or both hands;

  • Peripheral Nerves involvement: Carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve lesion

  • Periperal Neuropathies - start in the feet

  • Nerve Root and Brachial Plexus Involvement : Thoracic outlet syndrome, degenerative disc disease C6 C7 etc.

Acupuncture is the best treatment for such disease. Acupuncture given were points of Baxie, Bafeng and ashi points.

Bahasa melayu: Rawatan untuk kebas tangan, rasa menyucuk-yucuk pada jari atau tangan dan rasa berat serta rasa bengkak tangan. Rawatan akupuntkur sememangnya cukup handal. Saya kira hanya beberapa terapi gejala tersebut dapat disembuhkan dengan sempurna.

Foto : Dr Nik Omar sewaktu menjalankan rawatan perucma kepada penduduk islam di Cambodia pada tahun 2006

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