Saturday, August 23, 2008


Some says It is Allergic, Skin Disease, etc.

Penyakit gatal-gatal Kulit

Eczema with intense burning and itching, aggravated by washing or scratching. The skin is rough and coarse, dry and scaly. Fiery redness of all the orifices, eyelids, ears, etc. Very offensive odour from the body. Hands and head hot, Aggravation of irritation from heat of bed covers, pillow. Sometime aggravate with eating sea foods such as udang or sotong.

Eczema and asthma is brother and sister
It is nor easy to treat eczema. It will take sometime to cure. and perhaps no cure by western drugs.
In homeopathy treatment it is better to treat at early stage. Most of the cases in children, eczema can be cured also in asthma, but it will take a longer times.

Bahasa Melayu : Rawatan Homeopathy boleh menyelamatkan keadaan, rawatlah diwaktu kanak-kanak, ia lebih senang disembuh berbanding dengan orang dewasa. Perubatan biasa tidak ada ubat.

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