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The Energy of 'Qi' in Chinese Medicine

What is Qi
Why 'Qi' is important in Chinese Medicine - Especially when you study Classical Chinese Acupuncture.

'Qi' or 'chi' is known in Malay as 'tenaga dalam' or 'tenaga batin' In Chinese Philosophy especially when studying ' Acupuncture' the balance of 'yin and yang' is important to understand. As the achieve the balance of yin and yang and the flow of qi is the main source of balance both mentally and spiritually.

Maintaining a perfect balance between yin and yang will result in optimal health. An imbalance of yin and yang causes disharmony and illness in the physical body.
For every organ, there is energetic flow through a set of two meridians. The equal flow of qi energies through the right and left meridians of the body reflects the basic yin ang yang concept.

It can be said that everything is composed of yin and yang in different proportions: when the proportions are relatively balanced, harmony prevails. Yin and yang imbalance in mainly caused by blockage or depletion of qi flow in the body, and this cause sickness to occur.

Yin and Yang

The yin and yang theory is based on the idea that all phenomena are the product of and influenced by the interaction between nature's two polar tendencies. This polarisation is reflected in our daily lives, for example, by union of man and woman; the mechanics of electricity; the merging of day and night.

Fundamental of Healing in Chinese Philosophy

In Chinese healing, the body is perceived to consist of physical and invisible body. In the invisible body, also known as the qi body, we believe there are three layers of qi bodies, namely internal qi, protective qi and external qi.
These are termed by some acupuncturist as the physical, emotional and spiritual aura fields. Any imbalance of qi flow and at any of this levels will cause sickness.

Is qi or energy scientifically proven ? There are many research on this subjects. It is noted with interest that the scientists discovered some important and interesting facts related to qi:-

  • The energy body has many energy channels through which qi flows. These energy channels are located at similar 'routes' to the meridian.

  • If an acupuncturist stimulate the correct acupuncture points on the body, the points will produce healing qi

  • the measurement of the flow of qi in the body depend on the correct distal acupuncture points.

  • selected acupuncture points will produce qi for physical, emotional and spiritual healing process.

  • the energy flow of qi basically through proper meridians or channels as recommended by WHO committee on Acupuncture Points.

  • the visible physical body and its energy are so closely interelated that what affects one also affect the other.

  • A strong protective qi field acts as a protective shield against germs and infection.
In Chinese Philosophy the study of qi applies to all systems of Chinese Medicine including in study of acupuncture and moxibustion, study of Qigong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, etc.

Bahasa Melayu: Pengajian Perubatan China, tidak akan terlepas dari mempelajari dan memahami konsep qi atau chi. Konsep ini dimaksudkan sebagai 'mengimbangi' tenaga dalam untuk tujuan kesihatan. Mengikut teori qi, sakit dan sihat bergantung kepada imbangan qi dalam badan, jika qi dalam keadaan harmoni maka kita kenali sebagai sihat, jika qi dalam keadaan tidak sempurna atau abnormal, maka kita kenali sebagai sakit.

Untuk memberi kesihatan pada sesatu penyakit, seorang ahli akupunturis harus tahu dimana untuk meletakkan jarum akupunktur untuk mengeluarkan tenaga qi dalam badan untuk memberi pemyembuhan yang kekal dan abadi.


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