Friday, March 27, 2009

Treatment of Hernia With Integrated Medicine - Orally Homeopathy - Externally With Acupuncture, A Case Study

The position of Hernia before treatment

Acupuncture Points for Hernia

Hernias are, by definition, a defect in the muscle container of the abdominal wall. That is, they are a gap, hole or defect in the abdominal wall. As a result of this hole or defect, the contents of the abdominal cavity, such as intestine, fat and other organs, may tend to be push through this hole by the normal pressure that occurs within the abdomen. As this material pushes through the hernia defect, a bulge or localized area of swelling will become evident beneath the skin of the abdominal wall. Since there are many Types of hernias, the site of this bulge will vary according to the type of hernia and location of the hole or defect. With activity such as exercise, coughing, lifting and straining etc., the pressure within the abdomen increases. As a result, more abdominal contents tend to push through the hernia defect, and the bulge gradually increases in size.


Pain occurs from hernias for several reasons, and can and does often vary in character (sharp, dull, burning etc.) and severity from patient to patient. Pain can occur because the tissue at and around the hole is being stretched or torn and therefor in some fashion damaged. This usually will cause pain directly at the site of the hernia and is Localized Pain. Pain may also occur as a result of irritation of or damage to area nerves as a result of the hernia and its contents pushing into or pinching the nerves. This too may cause localized pain, or may cause pain at a more distant area and is called Referred Pain. If the abdominal contents have become trapped or damaged within the confines of the hernia, as is the case with hernia Incarceration or Strangulation, the pain may well become more generalized in location and may even involve the entire abdomen if secondary peritonitis develops.

Homeopathic Medication:

Lyco., Calc Carb., Acon., , Nux Vom., Aesculus according to symptoms.

Acupuncture Points:

Ashi Points, St 36, Sp 6, Li 11, LI 4, St 25.


Dawn said...

thank you for posting this. From the photo it looks like the "ashi" points are done in a "surround the dragon" style (ie. circling the affected area). Is this regularly the approach?
Dawn- acupuncturist in Toronto, Canada

Liz said...

In summary, the pain of a hernia can also occur as a result of irritation or damage to the area of the nerves as a result of the hernia and its contents to push or pinch nerves. To this can take medication orally as in what is generic viagra mouth or that soothe pain such as acetaminophen. Also if this is neglected it can also cause localized pain, or may cause pain in a more distant and is called referred pain.

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