Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Letter From South Africa [ An Arthritic Patient Cured ]

Dr Faridah at Kg Baru Homeopathy Centre
128 Jalan Raja Abdullah Tel: 03-26926549

Dear Dr Omar

I was in Malaysia 4 years ago. I am a South African, Mrs A L.

Yourself and Dr Farida treated me and my husband ZA 4 years ago and alhamdulillah the treatment was successful. However, the disease has come back again and this time i am in alot of pain.

I will be arriving in Malasia on the 24 March 2009 and would like to have a repeat of the treatment in kuala Lumpur.
I am unfortunately only able to be there for a period of 1-1 and half weeks due to work constraints and children responsibilities.
The specialists in conventional medicine is saying that i have to start using very strong medicines, EMBREL, which i do not want to do.

They have said that if i dont start this treatment then i will have to use a wheelchair soon. Would Dr Farida be able to assist me then. Thanking you in abundance From AL South Africa.

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