Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Letter From Prof Sami Abdul Wahab from Saudi Arabia to Prof Nik Omar

Dear Prof. Omar
Alslamm Aliqum

Thanks for your hospitalty with me, I really enjoyed my trip to Kota Baru and working with you.
The acupancture expeirence I learned from you was more than great.

I also would like to thank you for the awarded acupancture certificate diploma, It is my houner to be one of the graduates of your institute.

At the time being, I am running two researches on acupancture.
I hope I can finish with one of them in the near future, so I can submit a M.Sc. thesis for you as we already agreed upon.

I already asked about the illegiability to practice acupancture with the diploma certificate in acupancture, the answer was yes but with some reservation from different medical specilities.

However, Master of acupancture is adviable for credintial and strength.

I am going to encourage my students to apply for Master of acupancture in your institute.

I forgot to take your CV. So, could you please E-mail me your CV. My best wishes to your sons and wife Hear from you

Yours Sincerely Prof. Sami Abdulwahab
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

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