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Acupuncture & Diabetes

Acupuncture and Diabetes Studies

Acupuncture is a procedure in which a practitioner inserts needles into designated points on the skin. Some scientists believe that acupuncture triggers the release of the body's natural painkillers and has been shown to offer relief from chronic pain. Beause of the painkilling nature of acupuncture , it can be safely used to treat people with neuropathy, the painful nerve damage of diabetes. Acupuncture has also shown promise in many studies to be of help to women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), even helping to restore ovulation in annovulatory women.

A report in the 1994 Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (37) serves as a model of Chinese research on acupuncture. Though the findings were promising for complimentary treatment of diabetes, the method involved daily acupuncture; something most persons in the U.S. are unlikely to receive. In the study, researchers recruited 60 patients with diabetes and divided them randomly into two groups: the acupuncture group (38 patients) and the control group (22 patients). The two groups were found to be well matched for symptoms and laboratory results (blood and urine tests). Both groups followed a regulated diet during the study, but only one group received acupuncture.

Electrical stimulation of needles was used (this method replaces twirling the needle by hand and provides a pulsating stimulus that can be continued for the entire treatment period). Acupuncture was administered once daily for 30 days. The main acupuncture points used were quchi (LI-11), sanyinjiao (SP-6), zusanli (ST-36), and yishu (special diabetes point located at 1.5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous process of the 8th thoracic vertebra). Supplemental points include yuji (LU-10), guanyuan (CV-4), and baihui (GV-20).

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Rawatan Kencing Manis Dengan Akupunktur

Diaabets atau Kencing Manis boleh dirawat dengan kaedah perubatan akupunktur dengan meletakkan jarum-jarum akupunktur pada titik khas akupuntkur seperti SP 6, Du 11, LI 11, H 7, DDU 20

Jika anda dikapong, cuba amalkan makan pucuk dan buah jambu batu ( jambu kampong) setiap hari sebanyak beberapa helai daun sekali makan dan satu biji buah jambut kecil. Amalkan makan 2 atau 3 kali sehari -InsyaAllah boleh turunkan kadar gula dalam darah.

Ubat-ubat homeopati juga bagus untuk merawat diabetes.

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