Friday, March 27, 2009

9 Years of Married, at Last The Couple Get a Boy - A Case of Infertility

Mr R. Kathiravan and Mrs Wasanthy a/p Ramasamy with his son. Record: 8137
This couple came back today 28th March 2009 for their second baby.
We are giving our best consultation and treatment for this couple through our Special Method of Treating Infertility Hti P 2000 and hopefully this couple will conceive the second baby within 2 months time.

Name of Boy: Shantish Kumar
Born: 15th June 2001
Weight at Time of Birth: 3.5 kg - normal delivery.

Mr & Mrs Kathiravan says, " Thanks for your help, last time, I got the first boy, and please help us to get our second baby this year. "

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