Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Acupuncture and Bell Palsy

Two case record of Bell Palsy by Acupuncture.

Case 1 : Mr Mohd Nordin Bin Jaafar Age 37 years
came to our Acupuncture Centre at Kelantan - co - Bell Palsy. After close check up I decided to give 6 acupuncture points on the face and two at hand.
Within tow day - bell palsy is completely ok.

Case 2: Mrs Kalthom CT Age 43 a Malay Women - Occupation - a doctor.

She came to my clinic co Bell Palsy - suffered for last 3 days. After compeleting the case record, I found out that stress was the main factor. I gave one acupuncture at Bahui, 6 extra facial points and one Hegu and Quici.

After 3 session of acupuncture treatment, she was completely alright.

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