Sunday, May 22, 2011

Testimony from Patients About Acupuncture Treatment

Tinnitus Cured

In January after many doctors told me, “there’s nothing wrong with you, you just have to ignore it” I came to Dr Nik Omar Acupuncture Centre for help with constant ringing in my ears. Through treatment both homeopathy and acupuncture, I am able to make it through the day.
My results have been a blessing. Now I am very happy that my tinnitus has gone.

From Mohammad Abdullah, Record 6678

Fatty Liver Cured & Hepatitis B

I had a very sever Fatty Liver problem and worst with hepatitis B. My doctor in Australia can do nothing and with blessing of God I met Dr Nik Omar I met Dr Omar in the net and went over to Kuala Lumpur to met him.
I have been taking very tiny pills from him for the last two years and now spurising all my fatty liver, hepatitis has gone.
My doctor in Australia suprised to hear such news and he said 'You as a miracle doctor" Thank you

Dr M Haque Australia.

Neck Pain

For six months I have been receiving acupuncture treatment for pain in my jaw, neck and shoulder, with excellent results. I am a a teaches with stress and repeated strain to muscles due to over using of computer. Acupuncture helps me relax and enjoy my works . Khatijag Ahmad Record 2332

Enuresis - Kencing malah

The the last 14 years my son has been suferring from bed wetting and almost every night he will wet his bed. I have been trying all sort of treatment, but nothing doing. I brought my son to Dr Nik clinic at Kuala Lumpur and with only two session of acupuncture treatment my son is completely cured. It is miracle. Thanks to Dr Nik

From Mohd Zubai Record No. 5397.

Gout Cured

I have been suffering from gout for last 11 years. I have been taken pain killer on and off but my gout still remain. I tried acupuncture treatment with Dr Nik an after 6 months treatment my gout all most 80 % gone. I am very happy. Thank you.

Mr AWR Record No. 5977

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