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What Acupuncture Can Treat

Conditions Treated With TCM - Acupuncture
Apa Yang Dapat di Rawat oleh Rawatan Akupunktur

Oriental medicine is a very comprehensive system of medicine. It works with your body to produce true healing instead of suppressing symptoms. A few of the conditions successfully treated by acupuncture and Oriental medicine:


* Women’s issues, including painful periods, menopause, and other gynecological issues. These are treated without requiring uncomfortable examinations.
* Chronic pain, especially joint and muscle pain, arthritis, as well as headaches and other discomforts.
* Fatigue, including chronic fatigue syndrome, or a general feeling of being down.
* Most conditions that respond to drug treatment, respond even better to acupuncture and Chinese herbs - without side effects. However, we insist on partnering with your doctor to determine a proper course of treatment. Some medications need special care and planning.
* Most chronic conditions such as allergies, asthma, and more respond extremely well to acupuncture.

Specific conditions treated

Cardiovascular Disorders

* Angina
* Hypertension

Dermatology (Skin Conditions)

* Acne
* Eczema
* Psoriasis
* Rosacea


* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
* Diabetes
* Thyroid Conditions


* Acid Reflux/Heartburn
* Constipation
* Diarrhea
* Indigestion
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome


* Breech Positioning Of The Fetus
* Female And Male Infertility
* In Vitro Fertilization Support
* Induction Of Labor
* Irregular/Painful Menstruation
* Menopause
* Morning Sickness
* Post-Partum Depression

Mental Health

* Anxiety
* Depression
* Insomnia/Sleep Disturbance
* Stress

Musculoskeletal Pain

* Dental Pain
* Joint/Limb Pain
* Low Back Pain/Sciatica
* Neck Pain
* Osteoarthritis
* Repetitive Stress Injuries
* Rheumatoid Arthritis
* Sports Injuries


* Allergic Rhinitis
* Asthma
* Bronchitis
* Common Cold
* Cough
* Flu
* Sinusitis


* Bell’s Palsy
* Headache/Migraines
* Meniere’s Disease
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Post Stroke Paralysis
* Shingles
* Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
* Trigeminal Neuralgia


* Bed Wetting
* Bladder Dysfunction
* Incontinence


* General Well Being
* Smoking Cessation
* Weight Control

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