Friday, December 26, 2008

Research Papers on Acupuncture

Case No 1: Mirgaine Cured By Acupuncture

Reported by Dr Suleiman Shaikh from Jinnag Post Graduate Medical Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.

Migraine is the most serious ailment of all headache. Many drugs from as simple as panadol, paracetomol, ponstan, ergot to B- Blockers are tried by allopathic doctors to treat this disease, but failed to cure.

I have tried 100 cases of of migraine with acupuncture treatment with cuccess rate of 80 %

32 female and 8 male patients were reffered to POE Hospital, WAH Cantoment, Pakistan. 6 needles were inserted on different acu points of the body for 6 months.

Frequency of headache and duration was reduced by 75 % to 65 % respectively. 70 % of the patients were improved enough to stop their use in drugs after treatment. 21 out of 40 patients were compeletly cured.

Common symptom of mirgaine such as headache, vomiting, bed rest, absence of works was reduced by 90%.

Case No.2 : Chronic Prostate Treated With acupuncture

Reported by You Shiheng and Zhang Silin

from: Yantai Hill Hospital, Zhifu District, Yantai, China.

Remarkable therapeutic effect has been seen by acupuncture to treat 88 cases of chronic prostatitis from Oct 1985 to May 1986

Result: 53-54 % with effective rates.

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