Friday, December 26, 2008

Conorary Heart Diseases Treated with Neiguan P6

Reported by Zhao Yang, Wu Qi, Lu Baomian, Chen Jian
from: The Traditional Chines Hospital, Hangzhaou, China

Conorary Heart Disease is the main ailment with influence the life of human being. It belong to the criteria of 'Angina Pectoris'. According to the Chinese Philosophy, precordial pain caused by cold evil' etc.
Clinical observation were carried on 36 patients of conorary heart diseases at our hospital using acupoints 'neiguen p6' as suggested by TCM acupuncture theory.

Clinical Materials:
36 cases - 19 patients ( 53 % male) 17 patients ( 47 female)
Female range from 46 - 78 years old, average 59 years old.
12 cases from 46 - 59 years old
22 cases from 60 -69 years
2 cases 70 and 78 years
The longest suffered CHD 15v years and the shortest 6 months.

Points selected p6 punctured 1/2 to 1 cun twirling quickly for 2 minutes to make soreness, numbness, heaviness and distension ( deqi)

Treatment once daily for a week lasting 3 weeks.

Result: Out of 36 cases, 16 patients feel relief all the main symptom of pain in the chest, palpitation, chest opression, etc were disappeared and another 18 patients didi not have any pain at all.

At observation out of 35 patienst with cheast pain, 33 recovered, 1 improved, 1 aggravated.
This suggest that Neiguan points regualets 'qi' strenghtening heart, it also acted as heart tonic.

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