Friday, December 26, 2008

Hijamah at Muriatius

Cupping Al Hijamah or Blood Stasis
Bekam By Mr Iqbal Gooljar at Muriatius

Last week we have received a very special student from Muriatius who come to Malaysia to study Cupping / Hijamah / Bekam at Department of Malay Medicine, Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia.

Mr Gooljar said, " There are a large number of Muslim community in Muriatius, and we cant find anybody doing Hijamah there. I was called to come forward to help the Muslim Community in perfoming this Therapeutic Sunnah of The Prophet Mohammad SAW. That is why I come to Malaysia, this is the only country in the world who teaches this syariaat of Islam, scientificly and in modern concept of healing."

Ibnu Abbas reported God's Messanger as saying " There is a remdy in three thing; the incision of a cupping glass, a drink of honey or cauterization of fire, but I forbid my people to cauterize" Hadith Bukhari From Miskat Al Masabih.

Learning from this hadith, there is no reason why the Muslim should avoid performing this Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad saw.


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How long does your course last and what does it cost?