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Why Infertily ? Are You Barren ?

Hti P-2000 Dr Nik Omar
Homeopathic Treatment of

The following are the findings from research from the aspects of homeopathy, acupuncture and complementary medicine, done by the Infertility Clinic, Faculty of Homeopathy Medicine, Malaysia in Kelantan, headed by Prof Dr Sir Nik Omar bin Haji Nik Daud.

Fertility Trends

A report by the World Health Organisation, WHO, which had carried out studies in the African countries, had quoted alarming numbers, indicating that as high as 40% of married couples in countries such as Sudan and Cameroon are facing infertility. Another study in India, done in 1971, indicated that between 6 to 12% of married couples are classified as infertile.
Our neibouring country, Singapore having the same problems.

In another research, the sperm levels in males of the 21st century have fallen by 40% compared to those before World War 2. If this trend continues, there is a possibility that 100 to 200 years from now, man will be facing a new crisis, that is the depletion of human sperm.

Infertility Factors

There are four main categories of factors that cause infertility:

Female Factors

Male Factors

Combined Male and Female Factors

Unknown Factors

Female Factors

Amongst the many female factors, one of the following may cause infertility:
Irregular menstrual cycle
Amenorrhea (no menstruation)
Vaginal Infection such as severe vaginitis
Growth in the uterus: fibroids, polyps, etcl
Loss of libido
Chronic ailments

No ovulation
Effects of Drugs
Long term effects of taking birth control pills or strong herbal mixtures (jamu)
Blocked fallopian tubes (tubal obstruction)
Problems in hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis
Ovarian failure such as ovarian dysgenesis
Polycystic ovarian disease
Pelvic infections
Psychosomatic causes
Congenital defects

Effects from previous miscarriages
Effects from frequent D & C
Effects from operation at the uterus
Acidic cervical fluid
Cervical obstruction (rare)
Vigunismus (tight fourchette)
Chromosomal deficiencies in the foetus
Effects from STD such as gonorrhoea, syphilis, etc.

Male Factors

Amongst the many male factors, one of the following may cause infertility:
Weak penis
No penetration
Premature ejaculation

Loss of libido
No sperm in semen (azoospermia)
Low sperm count
High abnormal sperm count
Low motility
High percentage of dead sperm
Chronic ailments such as diabetes, tuberculosis, AIDs, etc.
Effects from STD such as such as gonorrhoea, syphilis, etc.
Old age

Varicocele that results in oligospermia
Testicular failure due to bacterial or viral infections
Endocrinal problems such as adrenogenital
Cryptorchidism, non descension of the testes
Hydrocele due to parasitic infection
Serious childhood mumps
Trauma from operations on the testes
Genetical defects
Alcohol consumption, drug-taking, smoking, stress, etc.

Combined Male and Female Factors

Sometimes infertility is the result of factors coming from both the husband and wife. Among others:
Lack of knowledge about proper intercourse techniques
Negative attitude towards sexual intercourse
Insemination done at the wrong times, not within the Fertile Period
Incompatibility in the immune system, resulting in the agglutination of the semen
Poor health in both husband and wife
Psychogenic factors such that husband cannot perform sexual intercourse with the wife, but is able to do so with other women (or vice versa, for the wife)

Unknown Factors

In about 20% of married couples, who have been married for more than two years, and have not managed to conceive, tests show that both the husband and wife as normal. For such cases, only Allah knows the reason why they have been bestowed with children. They may, however, try the HTI P2000® treatment, Insya Allah, they may succeed in getting their much-awaited offspring.

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