Sunday, January 18, 2009

Acupuncture Service at Pasir Mas & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Photo: Nik Fairus, our Sir Fu, The Master of Acupuncture Malaysia and Registrar at The Department of Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia.

Don't put off your health problems! Call today to see what Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can do for you.

I am Nik Fairuz Hakim, Acupuncture Physician, and I invite you to use this site to learn more about health, Acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine.

We have helped thousands of people to feel better, so don't wait, Feel Better, Today!

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine provide safe and effective treatments for a wide variety of conditions. These include neck pain, back pain, Auto Accident injuries, allergies, women's health issues, fertility, and digestive symptoms. If you have a medical problem or symptom we may be able to help. Over 10,000 peer reviewed clinical studies have been done to verify the effectiveness of Acupuncture. We offer non-surgical, and drug free treatments for people of all ages. Besides Acupuncture we also have a variety of Natutral Therapies at our Medical Centre such as homeopathy, cupping al hijamah, massage, reiki, iridilogy, Malay Medicine, etc.

The goal of Nik Oma rAcupuncture Homeopathic Medical Centre is to help as many people as we can by providing the best of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine here in Malaysia and Asea Countries. Our convenient central Kuala Lumpur City centre location makes it easy for you to get Acupuncture and Chinese Medical treatment. Our newly expanded office is located in Pusat badar Baru Bangi and Damansara Utama Uptown, P.J.. We have 30 years of combined experience in our staff of board certified Acupuncture Physicians. We also work with other health professionals including Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathy, Physical Therapists, and Massage Therapists.

At PPHO & Acupuncture Nik Omar we utilize the whole spectrum of healing modalities found in the Chinese Medical tradition, including; Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Herbs, Nutritional Counseling, non-needle acupuncture, and Therapeutic exercise (Tai Ji / Qi Gong).

If you have any additional questions please call or e-mail us. Remember, at Acupuncture Centre you can, "Feel Better, Today!" Hotline Phone No; 019-9401915

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