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Nephrotic Syndrome

What is nephrotic syndrome?

Penyakit Buah Pinggang

Nephrotic syndrome is a condition marked by

very high levels of protein in the urine, a condition called proteinuria
low levels of protein in the blood
swelling, especially around the eyes, feet, and hands
high cholesterol

What causes nephrotic syndrome?
Nephrotic syndrome results from damage to the kidneys' glomeruli—tiny blood vessels that filter wastes and excess water from the blood and send them to the bladder as urine.

When the glomeruli are working properly, they keep protein in the blood from leaking into the urine. Healthy kidneys allow less than 1 gram of protein to escape through the urine in a day. In nephrotic syndrome, the damaged glomeruli allow 3 grams or more of protein to leak into the urine during a 24-hour period.

As a result of this protein loss, the blood is deficient. Normal amounts of blood protein are needed to help regulate fluid throughout the body. Protein acts like a sponge to soak up fluid into the bloodstream. When blood is low in protein, fluid accumulates in the body’s tissues rather than circulating. The fluid causes swelling and puffiness.

Nephrotic syndrome can occur with many diseases. In adults, the most common causes are diabetic nephropathy and membranous nephropathy. In older adults, the most common cause is amyloidosis. Prevention of nephrotic syndrome relies on controlling these diseases. Frequently, however, the cause of nephrotic syndrome is unknown.

Acupuncture Treatment
Acupuncture also very good treatment for nephrotic syndrome

Homeopathic Treatment

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disease where there is abnormal leakage of protein, low levels of proteins in blood and swelling of body parts.

Clinically proven homeopathy helps recover faster, reduce (and stop) the need for steroids, reduce frequency + severity of attacks.

Dalam perubatan homeopathy, kita mempunyai rangkaian ubat-ubat yang boleh membantu meringankan beban penyakit ini, jika dirawat dengan betul, penyakit ini dapat disembuhkan oleh ubat-ubat homeopati.

Perlu diingatkan bahawa penyakit ini boleh hilang atau sembuh, namun ianya juga boleh menyrang kembali - relapse semula jika tidak jaga kesihatan dengan sempurna, terutma jika tersilap makan makanan, penyakit ini akan kembali menyerang, walaupun sudah sembuh.
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