Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting Baby Via Alternative Medicine

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Infertility Treatment

Alternative Way, Natural Method of Infertility

Case History: Mrs M binti M Age 26 yrs. Record No: 5122
Married: 6 years. No children.

Have been trying to get baby by various method such as taking clomidine, IUI, IVF but still failed to get baby.

On receiving news that Prof Dr Nik Omar with his experiencec with alternative method of getting by by Acupuncture and Homeopathy. The patient came to our clinic.

1st Visit: 8 Septeber 2007

Patient came with husband, after getting all history of both husband and wife. I have prescribed Homeopathic medicine Sepia and Chamimilla bid on the first week and second week Puls and Mang Phos.

2nd Visit: 6 Oct 2007

Not much can be seen, the symptoms seem the same. I priscribed Puls and calc Phos bid for one months.

3rd Visit: 9 Nov 2007

Patient continue the medication but we prescribe Sepia and Puls as the symptom slightly changes similar to Sepia and again gave 1 month supply of medication.

4th Visit: 8 December 2007.

Patient came back and told us the the menses absent or late for one week. Due to the new sign, and I suspect that she will conceive, I have given her Bio-Chemic Nat Sulp and calc Phos for one week.

5th Visit: 15 December 2007

She did her own Pregnancy Test and confirmed pregnant. The last period was 8 Nov 2007.

From 19 December 2007 till 25 July 2008 she has been under homeopathic medication for Health During Pregnancy , Ubat Selusoh, etc. to make sure that she is completely healthy with natural homeopathic medication.

On 1st Agust 2008 - The patient deliverd a health and beautiful homeopathic boy at 5.00 in the morning. the name of the bay is Mr Mohammad Adi Putra.

25 September 2008 : Yesterday, the husband came to our clinic and brought 'Pulut Kuning' Untuk Pelepas Nazar - Allahmdulillah.


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