Friday, September 26, 2008

Nik Fairuz Hakim, Acupuncturist In Malaysia


The Classical Chinese Medical Acupuncturist In Malaysia

Nik Fairuz Hakim bin Haji Nik Omar

D.Ac (Kel)., D.F.Hom (Mal)., D.Ac (Colombo)., M.Ac.F (Spain)
Lecturer Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture, Malaysia

Experience & Qualification
Qualified Diploma In Homeopathy from
The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia - 1999
Qualified Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine
The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia - 2005
Qualified Diploma In Acupuncture, From Department of Chinese Medicine
The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia – 1998
Master of Acupuncture from Spain – 2000
Doing Internship at Panvel Hospital Bombay, India - 1998
Doing Internship at South Colombo Government hospital ( 6 months) 1999
Attended International Conference On Acupuncture at Sri Lanka
Gujeranwala Homeopathic Hospital, Pakistan 1999
Appointment Tutor In Chinese Medicine 2001
Appointment as Leacturer in DCM – 2002
Appointment as Registrar at DCM – 2003

Conference & Seminar
Attended 1989 International Conference at Kota Bharu
Atended 199 Conference at Kota Bharu
2000 – Appointment as Secretary of International Confernce
At Kelantan.
2002 Appointed as Secretary International Conference at Kelantan.
2006 Appointed as Secretary 7th International Homeopathic Conference at
Genting Highland, Kuala Lumpur.
2006 Attended International Homeopathic Conference at Dacca, Bangladesh
2007 attended International Homeopathic Conference at Singapore
2004 – 2008 teaching Classical Chinese Acupuncture to more than 200
Students from all over the world at our Academy


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