Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MRHP Campaign To Stop Sexual Abuse in Children

Perhatikan: Siapa Mangsa Berikutnya
Bertindaklah Dari Sekarag

Watch out who will be the next victim
Stop Child Abuse !!!

Please advise. A friend of mine has seen his daughter naked and she has seen her father nude and he had some times practiced physical (oral) sex (but not intercourse). She is 13 years old.

Please state what is the status for him, his marriage, and what should be done?

He has repented now and done taubah, and come on the right path.


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July 27, 2010 • 2:31 pm


What your friend has done is a serious sin and a crime. He should be reported to the authorities, and prosecuted. He belongs in prison.

Maybe your friend has stopped his behavior, maybe not. Sexual predators tend not to stop, instead they simply shift their predations from one victim to another. Regardless, he has damaged his daughter in a permanent way, even if you do not see the damage or scars right now. Children who are sexually molested are much more likely to become alcoholics or drug users, and to develop serious emotional problems later in life.

What your friend has done is illegal in every nation in the world. He has forfeited his right to be near his daughter or any other child.

Do you have the courage to report your friend? Maybe you want to "protect" your friend. But who will protect his daughter? Who will protect any other children he might have, or his nieces? They also have a right to justice.


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