Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cupping Massage @ Al Hijamah

Cupping Massage

A few months ago I ran across this massage technique while looking over the menu of services at Canyon Ranch Spa Club in Las Vegas. After a bit of googling, I came across the website and decided to pick up the DVD from Lhasa OMS along with a few new cupping sets.

The technique is adapted for body workers and uses much lighter suction than TCM cupping. The theory is that the lighter suction stimulates the lymph system to loosen adhesions and pull stuck fluid into the lymph system where it is easier to eliminate. I started utilizing massage cupping in my practice and found it is great to help loosen up the body before doing traditional cupping techniques. It is not as effective for those with significant stagnation, but it is great for those with mild blockages who also need a little detoxification and TLC.

I just had this done last week and found it wonderfully relaxing on areas of mild tension, but in the parts that need a lot of work, I was yearning a bit for some strong stationary cupping. If I could have followed it up with some acupuncture, it would have been perfect - I even fell asleep a bit during the treatment.

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