Friday, July 22, 2011

Battlefield Acupuncture

Battlefield Acupuncture (BA) is being used by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Administered when Western medicine can’t be used, BA is one of the strongest protocols for pain reduction, faster than most Western medicine. Results can be seen in minutes. The BA protocol was created by Dr. Richard Niemtzow, the first and only full-time acupuncturist in the Armed Forces. The teaching materials used in this course were derived from meetings, discussions and clinical observations between Dr. Niemtzow and your instructor, John Howard, L.Ac. John has been training under Dr. Niemtzow for five years assisting with this protocol hundreds of times. He also co-taught BA with Dr. Niemtzow the last time this training was offered in 2007.

You will learn the history of BA, when it’s appropriate to use, and the outcome you should expect. During the afternoon clinical portion the technique will be demonstrated on patients. Following patient treatments, you will have the opportunity to practice and perfect the technique.

Acupuncture Used In Afghanistan Among Malaysia Doctors With Barriers

In 1977 - 1988 Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association [ MRHP] under the leadership of Dr Nik Omar sent a team of Malaysian comprising of 4 volunteers. The team privide free medical camps along Pakistan - Afghan border.

The team provide acupuncture treatment for wounded Mujahideen and the refugees. Acupuncture seem to works very well with as tool for pain killer when pain killer pills are not available in those areas.

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