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Getting Baby With Alternative Medicine - Infertility

Infertility Cured / Pregnant Confirm / Berjaya Hamil

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Kuala Lumpur 22 November 2008

Intersting case of Infertility Cured

Name of Wife: Mrs fad bt S Age: 26 yrs Record No: 5238

Name of Husband: Mr. M. Nad bin R Age: 26 yaers Record No: 5045

Today a couple came to our Kg Baru Homeopathic & Acupuncture Centre with a broad smile.

Both husband and wife walk in our clinic and tell us that the wife already pregnant.

Both husband and sife taking treating for getting the first baby. Both of them were married last two years and very much eager to get the baby. They have tried two courses of ' clomidine' from ordinary medical clinic ( allopathy) but failed to conveive. Tey also tried once IUI with a private clinic and also failed.

They came to us on 12 August 2008 ( First Visit)

The patient first consult Dr Faridah and after taking a creful case taking, she prescribe 'Sepia 200' bid for two weeks for Mrs Fad.

For Mr M Nad: She prescribe Yohim 200 bid for two weeks.

Second Visit 26 August 2008

Considering the colaint of painful period, Dr Faridah gave 'Chamomilla 200' bid for two weeks.

Same to the husband 'Yohim'

Third Visit: 13 Sept 2008

The patient came back to continue the nest prescription. Dr Faridah again gave her Puls 200 to be taken alternaterly with Mqag phos 12x bid for two weeks.

Fourth Visit: 7 October 2008

Repeat the same procedure but change the medicine to "Aurum Met' 1000c once daily for two weeks.

Fifth Visit 3 Nov 2008

Repeat the same procedure

Sixth Visit: 22 November 2008 - Today

The wife brought the news to us that she has confirmed her pergnancy last night. They bought the pregnancy kids last night and test the urine and her menases was late for one week. Suprising to see the result the 'she ' is pregnant - the result if positive.

It is a matter of three months of taking homeopatic pills with Dr Hajjah Faridah at 118 Jalan Raja Laut, KL Homeopathy & Acupuncture Medical Centre, the pregnancy was confirmed !!

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Kaedah Mendapat Anak Dengan cara Perubatan Alternatif
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HTI Homeopathy ini adalah unit khas Hasil Kajian Prof Dr Nik Omar dan boleh didapati hanya di kelinik beliau, sama ada di KL, Bangi, Damansara, Kota Bharu, Gelang Mas atau Shah Alam.
Untuk berjumpa dengan Prof sendiri sila dial 019 9401915

Acupuncture Malaysia said...

Infertility Patient From South Africa:
Sir, I came last 5 years to you and I got a boy, now 4 years old. Now I came back to Malaysia to get another baby, kindly help us.

Says, Eisa a lawyer from South Africa.

Acupuncture Malaysia said...

A Patient From Indonesia.
" I came here to get a Special treatment -to get baby' My sister came here last three years back, and she got a baby. Please help us to get a baby"

Says, Mr Taty Nasution, from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Acupuncture Malaysia said...

HTI Produced 6 Babies.

Last Aidil Fitri I meet my old patient whom I treated in 1979 to get a baby after 4 years of marriage but failed to get baby.

She came close to me and whisper, " Sir, do you have another medicine for family planning. I started your medicine in 1979 to get baby, and now I got 6 children. Now too much. Do you have any medicine to stop gettting anothet one.
I am old now and tired to produce more !!