Sunday, December 27, 2009

Can Homeopathy / Altenative Medicine Treat Hepatitis B ?

Salam Prof. Nik,

Greetings from Auckland, New Zealand.

I'm writing with you in regard to my grave concern about Hepatitis B. I was diagnosed with one back in 2001/2002 when I donated my blood during the donation drive done in my university. Few weeks after that, I got a letter from National Blood Centre to report myself to them. Then the doctor told me I was and still am a Hepatitis B carrier. How I got it, it's still a mystery. Probably I didn't get a proper when I was kid as I was an adopted child.

Fast forward, so far I have no problem with my health. No major sickness. However when I did my medical report (as per attachment) for my residency application in New Zealand, the medical assessor of Immigration New Zealand has noted:

* Hepatitis B with abnormal liver function.
* Recommended treatment Pegylated interferon. Cost $35,000 - $40,000/year.
* Entecavir remains unsubsidized.
* Lamivudine is subsidized $143/month but sustained seroconversion is unlikely. The majority of those who start lamivudine develop resistance within 4-5 years and the present medication used in that case is adefovir $670/month. Treatment - long term.
* Pegylated interferon has significant side effect which may interfere with ability to maintain employment.

Due to the medical cost impose to me and New Zealand government, I'm very reluctant to the recommended treatment. Also I'm worried about the side effect of taking any of those drugs. The medical assessor also noted Pegylated interferon has significant side effect which may interfere with ability to maintain employment and this is the main reason I personally prefer to seek alternative treatment.

Therefore, it will be great if you could have a look at my medical report- blood test and recommend/ prescribe a treatment for me and quote me the cost of treatment and how long it takes.

Hope to hear from you soon, many thanks.

Patient of hepatitis B
From New Zealand.

Answer: Please read further info on Hepatitis & Homeopathy Treatment from

And get back to me.

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