Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Acupuncture Centre of Extension Education

Greetings and Welcome!

I bid you a warm welcome to the webpage of The Centre for Extension Education (CEE) of the Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia ,Department of Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture- FAHOM - DCMAc

Globalisation and the rapid growth of information and knowledge make it crucial for institutions of higher learning to look beyond traditional boundaries of formal education towards education for lifelong development. The market today needs fast and effective delivery of personal and professional development programmes in response to the constantly changing lifestyle and business world.

FAHOM,through CEE, meets this marketplace challenge by developing and offering continuing improvement courses to individuals and organisations.

The courses offered range from talks, seminars and short courses to degree programmes. The classes are conducted on full-time and part-time (evenings & weekends) basis. This flexible mode of study provides easy accessibility to lifelong learning opportunities for working and non-working individuals to update and upgrade themselves to meet the demands of the skills and knowledge-based society.

Come join us to be part of the lifelong learning culture!

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